The Surrogate. A short story by Shubricca L Bell

Hi, my name is Merci. Across from me is my husband of two years, Lucas, and seated beside him is my one and only daughter, Davina, but we call her Davi. “Mom,” Davi laughed. “Are you okay? It’s like you’re here, but your mind is somewhere else.

It’s your move,” Davi said. We were playing Monopoly, and we had been for two hours. I yarned. “Actually, I’m really tired. I think that I’m going to turn it in for tonight,” I said. 

“Ahhh man, but it’s only 9:30,” Davi said. “She’s right honey. It’s still early. Don’t go to bed,” Lucas said. “Actually, I’m getting tired myself,” Jagger said.

Jagger is Davi’s boyfriend of six months. It’s the longest relationship she’s been in. Davi has been a bit of a wild child ever since me and her dad got a divorce when she was thirteen. She’s twenty three now. “Ahhh, babe come on, not you too,” Davi said. 

“Yeah, you know that I have to get up at four in the morning for work babe,” Jagger said. “Bummer,” Davi said. “Okay, I guess,” Davi said, as she stood up, with me and Jagger. Lucas put the game back into the box while I kissed and hugged Davi and Jagger goodbye. “Bye, Lucas,” Davi said, before kissing him on both cheeks and hugging him with one arm, and holding her purse in the other. 

Jagger shook Lucas hand. “Nice to meet you,” Jagger said. “You as well,” Lucas said. Davi took the last swig of her martini. “Okay, we’re gone. 

Lucas, take care of our old lady,” Davi joked, as she and Lucas walked out the front door. Old lady?” I laughed. “Yeah, but this old lady was just whipping all of y’all in monopoly though. You’re lucky I am tired. I would have taken all of your little hotels and houses,” I said. 

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Davi laughed. “Y’all just be ready next week. I’m going to whip all three of y’all in UNO,” she yelled, from the yard. “That’s funny,” Lucas said. Jagger opened the front passenger door. 

“Come on baby, we have to go,” he said. “Alright, alright, old man. “Oh, now I’m an old man?” Jagger said. “Yeah, you and mom are practically the same age,” Davi joked. “Yeah, well you weren’t calling me an old man last night,” Lucas said. 

“Y’all be good, we’ll see y’all next week,” Lucas said,, as the two of us hugged on the porch and waved Davi and Jagger goodbye. “Love you, youngin’,” I said to Davi. “Love you, old woman,” she waved goodbye, before Jagger got into the car and began to back out. He rolled his window down. “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Waters. 

Goodnight, Jagger said, with a final goodbye wave. “Goodbye,” both me and Lucas said, with a wave. Lucas closed the front door and locked it. I was really tired. I began to put the food into storage containers, and I began falling asleep standing up. 

I almost fell to the floor, but Lucas caught me. “Whoa, baby. Are you sure that you’re okay?” “Yeah, I’m just tired,” I yawned. “Well, I’ll finish putting the food away and take care of the dishes. 

You need to get some rest,” he said, as he helped me to our bedroom. He put the covers over me, and kissed me on the cheek. “Do you need anything?” he said. “No, thank you baby,” I said. The next morning, I was at home working, per usual, when Davi called me crying. 

She said that Jagger broke things off with her because things were moving too fast, and he’d rather keep things casual. Jagger asked her if they could remain roommates until the lease on the apartment expires. Davi told him no. “I knew that I shouldn’t have signed a lease with him,” Davi cried. “Now, I have to figure out how I’m going to pay this rent without him,” she cried. 

“Don’t cry, honey. It’s going to be okay. Don’t worry. I’m here to help you if you need me,” I said. “Thanks mom,” Davi sobbed.

“Hold on, this is his trifling behind calling now,” she said. “Oh okay, well just call me back,” I said. “Okay,” she said. She called back in a minute crying even harder saying that Jagger said he was coming back, and right when she was getting excited, he said, he was coming back to get his leather jacket. “I’m about to burn this stupid jacket,” Davi said. 

“Oh, no honey. Don’t,” I said, before Davi cut me off. “It’s already done, mom.” Davi had poured lighter fluid on the jacket and threw a match on it, as it burned in the backyard. The following months, everything that could go wrong, did. 

Davi lost her job and she had to move back home. There was tension between me and Lucas because he wanted a baby, and I didn’t want another kid. On top of these two things, I found out that I had Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which explained why I was so tired. Even if I did decide to have a baby, my symptoms could increase fifty percent, and I could be putting my life in jeopardy. I love my husband, and although we never discussed having kids before marriage, deep inside I knew that he would kids eventually. 

Lucas is thirty three, he doesn’t only want marriage, he wants the whole shebang! Of course he wants kids, but I’m forty three, I don’t want anymore kids. Not only don’t I want anymore kids, there are too many risks associated with giving birth at my age, and having POTS makes all these things worse. I spoke with my doctor about my concerns and she told me that maybe Lucas and I should look into alternatives that wouldn’t cause me to have a high risk pregnancy. After thorough research, we decided to use a surrogate.

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