Is the facade worth the flex?

Listen, stop caring too much about how people see you. Too many people are living double lives right now because they care more about keeping up an act, than being real. When you live fake, who do you think it’s benefiting? It doesn’t benefit you and it doesn’t benefit the people you try to fool, because sooner or later the truth comes out and when the poop hits the fan, that’s when everyone’s going to give you the side eye, and talk about you, not because you’re human and experienced problems, but because you’re a liar! Everything you tried to avoid will happen to you when the truth comes out, so it’s better to live a truthful life, than to be a miserable liar, and anyone who says that they’re truly happy living a lie, the truth is not in them. 

Stop faking like you’re happy when you’re hurting! Stop caring about if people talked about you! They talked about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but He continued to walk in His truth. He stayed focused on His mission. You can’t fulfill your destiny if you live life being more concerned about what people think of you? 

What do you think of yourself is the more important question? Do you believe the things God has spoken over you, more than you care about people’s opinions? When you live a lie, it comes crumbling down every time, because only truth is set on a solid foundation. Lies are built on a bunch of crap, and you have to keep adding crap to it, to keep it up, but again, sooner or later it will come crumbling down. If you’re unhappy inside because of something you’ve experienced in the past, it’s time to let it go! 

If you’re unhappy with yourself, it’s time to change what you can, starting on the inside, then move to the physical. Do better by yourself! Change what’s in your power to change, and trust God with what you can’t. I’m not going to lie, this will require work, but you won’t have to work as hard as being in character 24/7. It’s time to get your peace of mind, break free from those strongholds, and live free and truly happy! 

Listen, some people are out here doing all this faking when other people don’t really care… not for real, for real! We all are fighting some kind of battles, don’t fake yours on my behalf! I’m honored that I’m on your mind, but your mental and emotional health and healing needs to be on your mind more than what I think or what the world thinks about you! Stop putting on a show for people who don’t pay your bills, nor pay you any attention. There are some people out here in relationships not because of love,  but because they’re trying to uphold an image of love. 

Some people put on this happy face but behind closed doors, they’re miserable, but they’re pretending to be happy because they care more about trying to make their ex look bad, by making their new relationship look all good, when it’s really not. They put on this facade like it’s always sunshine, when it’s really trouble in paradise. It’s storming like hell in their house! The rain is coming down hard and the sad thing is, they care more about trying to uphold an image of “all good” when they’re not okay. Listen, people who really care about you don’t care about how good you fake it, they care about if you’re really good. 

People who love you don’t want you to hurt, they want you to heal and be your best self. They’re going to be more pissed off when the truth comes out, because you felt like you had to be fake, rather than tell them the truth. It’s going to hurt them that you didn’t trust them. If you don’t want to talk to close family or friends, talk to a counselor. Talk to someone you don’t know who can give you an unbiased opinion. 

I can understand you not wanting people in your business, yes, sometimes the people closest to you can be the most judgmental, but at the same token, you care enough about these same people to live a complete lie. Come on, make it make sense! There are some people who fake it for their friends and family, because they want to be the one people look up to, or they’re unhappy about where the come from or who they family is, and they want to be the one who’s viewed differently, meanwhile the act is costing them. They’re secretly struggling to make ends meet, secretly battling drug addictions because that’s the only way they feel like they can cope with their past, they’re secretly losing sleep worrying about things beyond their control, but it’s time to give that load to God. 

When you begin to care about keeping up an act for people, more than you care about walking in your truth and being who God created you to be, you’re not helping yourself, you’re hindering yourself, because you’re making people your idol, instead of trusting God. 

Is the facade worth the flex? Is it worth the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and even financial cost? No, it isn’t! Too many people are dying to be accepted and respected! They’re selling their integrity, selling dreams, and selling their souls, why? To get validation from people who go through the same things or worse?

Stop putting on a show for people who don’t pay your bills, nor pay you any attention. Your life may entertain them for a minute and then guess what, they’re going to continue their lives. Only miserable people stay checking to see if you’re still down bad. Your problems keep them from dealing with their own, but sooner or later their day of reckoning will come. Listen, we all fall everyday, so it’s okay not to have it one hundred percent together all the time. 

If you can’t walk in your truth, you’re not truly living, and God can’t use who you pretend to be. If you humble yourself before God, He will lift you up in due time. (See James 4:10) Come out of character so that you can live your truth and live a healthy, whole, happy life, in which you’re truly content with yourself. For more insight, download your copy of “Betrayed with a kiss,” where I go more in depth on this topic. 

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