Talk to someone, please!

It’s a shame that so many of us have a lot of friends, but no one we can truly talk to. This is why so many people feel alone, even though they have everybody, they don’t have anyone that they can trust, so they hold things inside until they can’t anymore, and as a result, they breakdown. Some people don’t want to be a bother to others, because after all, who doesn’t have issues, right? Some people don’t reach out because they’re fearful. What will people think or say?

Being in our own heads all the time, is enough to raise blood pressures, cause anxiety attacks, and cause us to breakdown. When we’re in our own heads, it’s like we’re putting ourselves in a mental prison. We want to break free, but the shackles of what if, based on the scenario that has played out in our heads, are keeping us bound! Please, if you’ve been smiling on the outside and inside your world feel as though it’s crumbling, please talk to someone, anyone. God has put us here to love and care for one another.

Forget holding it in and being strong. Holding it in is suffocating and trying to be strong by bearing your burdens without the help of the Holy Spirit and talking to people who God has specifically put into place to help guide you on your life’s journey, will cause you to take on more than you can bear, and again, break-you-down… Jesus told us to cast our cares on Him. So, before you breakdown, ask yourself, have I truly given this thing to God? Am I trying to handle this on my own? Have I even tried to talk to someone about what I’m feeling? 

Listen, the right people would rather you burden them with your problems, than to bury you because you felt like you couldn’t talk to them. You never know what people are going through! Who knows, you may inspire them to reach out to someone or maybe the both of you can share some things and with the help of God, the two of you can heal together. So, stop eating your feelings, and stop literally making yourself sick because you’re trying to keep your head above water, but at the same time you’re allowing the issues on the inside to weigh you down. You’re drowning! 

It’s time to cry out to God for help! Listen to His voice, and get out of your feelings and your own head! If the thoughts you’re thinking aren’t God’s thoughts towards you, it’s a lie! Treat it as such! Things will begin to shift and work in your favor if you get out of your head for just a minute, and earnestly seek God’s voice. 

He’s going to tell you the truth and His Spirit will direct you, and then the person you end up talking to will confirm what God has already put on your heart. Just start talking to people. Don’t be a creep and go up to strangers whipping out your can of life issues, because people will frown upon that, but speak to people, ask them how they’re doing, and show interest, and I know that if God is at the center of your life, He will make His way into your conversation, even with a stranger, and that conversation will change your perspective and bring healing and blessings to your life in some way… Be blessed. Shot out to my mom, my best friend, and that special person God has placed here for me to vent to! I love you.

For more insight on this topic, download my book, “How to let go and let God,” available on Amazon. 

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