Wake up and focus on me. – God.

Everything you’ve been through in life, up to this very point, has prepared you for this very moment. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the beautiful, the ugly, the victories, the tragedies, the past, the present. You can do this. I know it may feel like you can’t, because you may be different, and because you’re different, it causes the majority of eyes to be on you… You have to understand that when you’ve been set apart, you’ve been chosen for a special task. You’re special, and it may not feel like you’re special, because you don’t look like the majority, or you’re not as popular as the majority, or you may not have gone to an Ivy League school, you may not have a bunch of zeros in your bank account, matter of fact, you may have a zero in your bank account, everyone in your family may be boo’ed up and you may be single, not newly single, but you’ve been single for nearly two decades and you’re like, “God, why me?” 

It’s like everyone else is going around with their clothes on meanwhile, you’re exposed. The world sees your nakedness, and it’s like God doesn’t care. Why? Why does it seem like the people who go so hard for God, have the most problems? And by no means am I saying that any of us is perfect, or that other people don’t have their issues, but why does it seem like my issues are so loud?… you may wonder. 

Jesus Christ, thank you God! The Holy Spirit has put it in my spirit today, that everything the enemy is telling you is your weakness, is actually your strength! Everything he’s whispering in your ear and telling you that you lack, is nothing compared to the greatness within you! You see, it’s all to keep you distracted, so that you’ll never come into the complete knowledge of who you are, and if you never realize who you are, you can’t completely walk in the fullness of who God has called you to be. God is snapping His fingers in front of you right now, and He’s saying, “Wake up, and focus on me!” 

You see, the only reason that you’re afraid for the world to see your nakedness, is because you’re concerned about what they think. It’s like Adam and Eve, when they were focused on God, they were unaware of their nakedness, but as soon as they listened to that serpent, and he got in their heads, and they bought into it, well actually, they bit into it, they seen themselves as exposed… Don’t buy or bite into whatever lies the enemy has told you today. Why are you so concerned about what people think, anyway? People are going to have their opinions regardless of if you have everything the world covets, or if you have nothing but their pity…

Opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one. You know what comes out of buttholes?.. I’ll just leave that right there… but I will say let people talk their talk! I’m also going to say this, get out of your own head, because sometimes people aren’t talking about you, it’s the demons in your head that you’re listening to. Good God almighty, I’m sorry if I’m exposing you, heck, I’m exposing me too, but we’re already exposed anyway, so at this point it doesn’t even matter, but the point is, it’s all about who you choose to listen to! That’s why God is snapping His fingers and saying, “Wake up, and focus on me!” 

Having a godly perspective will show you that everything you’re ashamed of, is actually the very things people admire about you! It’s actually your strength and it’s working for your good, right now, not twenty years down the line, but in this very moment. In this very moment you are slaying Goliaths, even though you feel like you’re not equipped! God wants you to look inside of yourself and see what He sees! He sees His Spirit in you. 

He sees the transformation on the inside, but you’re too worried about what people think or see on the outside, and I won’t front like we don’t want to be liked or loved, but you have to like and love yourself first, and know who you are! Further more, you have to know who you are in Christ! Don’t allow other people to project their insecurities or shortcomings on you, and don’t allow what you see as your own shortcomings in this natural world, to blind you to the fact that you’re powerful, victorious, purposeful, and more than a conqueror! You don’t need people validation when you have God’s approval! Wake up! 

Just because some people hide it better, doesn’t mean they’re doing better, and by no means is this a competition and I’m not being boasting or bragging, but we all have our struggles, but believe me when I tell you that,  your public embarrassment, will soon turn into total praise! Everyone is watching, so that they’ll all know that the favor of the God of the universe is on your life, and everything you’ve been through and everything you are today, is because He has always been with you, and if that’s not enough to smile, feel good about, or shout about, then I don’t know what is! Wake up, and focus on God! 

If you’ve enjoyed this, check out my book, “How to let go and let God,” on Amazon. The kindle version is on sale for .99 until April 15th. 

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