Love is the only thing that conquers everything!

The truth of the matter is we’re all fighting some kind of demon. We’re not perfect but God loves us still. In this life we will mess up more times than we can count. We will do things we know isn’t right, but our emotions will get in the way, and we will try to “handle” the issues of life on our own, and yet God is still faithful and He still loves us! The most important thing that each of us can do in this life is to love God, ourselves, and our neighbors; not just the person next-door, but that stranger walking down the street, or the person who bags our groceries, the politician that we may not fully agree with on every political issue, that family member well you haven’t spoken to in ages, and even the coworker on your job.

Jesus say that it’s easy to be good to people who love us, even the evil people do that (see Luke 6:33), but as the body of believers we must take the highroad and go the extra mile to love, be kind, and treat others the way we would like to be treated, regardless of how they feel about us. You don’t have to like everyone you love, but you do have to love everyone, including the people you don’t like. Never allow what they did to you, to keep you stuck in that place. It’s the past, let it go!

Live your life, free of the past, and walk in love. The way you love shouldn’t have anything to do with people, but it must have everything to do with humbling yourself before Christ. If you humble yourself before God, not only will he lift you up in due time, but he will also make your enemies your footstool. He will also cause your enemies to love you.

Love, real love, is the meaning of this life; it’s what we crave from the day of birth. Love is all that matters. Everything that is good can be summed up as love, but not the worldly view of love, the godly view. Love that keeps joy in your spirit. Love that perseveres through the difficulties.

Love that forgives 70×7 a day. Love that does good deeds without expecting something in return. Love that stands on the solid rock of Christ. Love that’s understanding, compassionate, and wise. Love that doesn’t operate on feelings alone, and doesn’t have an ulterior motive.

Love that is true and loyal. Love that does good deeds without looking to be praised by human beings. Love without fear. Just love, in all of its glory! It’s what the world needs, and it’s up to us to be an example of love, by being the light of Christ.

Love is the only thing, that conquers everything. ❤️

1 John 4:18

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.

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