It’s my time!

Ever watched a person’s life take off and admired their journey? You couldn’t help but to be inspired, right? Yet, something in you may have said, “When will “my time” come? Oftentimes we think of “our time” as a time of fulfillment and excitement. I mean, we’ve been working towards a specific goal or dreams, we should be excited when we begin to see those things manifesting, right?

Seeing just a glimpse of our destiny can be overwhelming, but the excitement can also come with a huge reality check that has you questioning things like, your ability to manage the fullness of the blessings ahead. I mean, are we ever truly ready for that “my time” moment? Most often than not, “my time” will also bring about a major change in our lives. Are we ever one hundred percent ready for a major change, or do we reach a good eighty percent in preparation, and then we wing the other twenty percent by faith? I don’t know about you, but the more I learn, the more I realize that there’s a lot more that I don’t know.

Sometimes this reality makes me feel like the closer I get to a goal of mine, the more I realize that I’m not as nearly as ready as I thought I was! I be thinking it’s going to take this, this, and this… meanwhile, I’ve ignored or haven’t put as much work as I need to in the other areas I need to master or at least be knowledgeable or experienced in. This reality makes me realize that there needs to be a shift in my priorities, but it also helps me put things into perspective. Seeing my dreams come into fruition or getting those little peeks into my future are both satisfying and scary!

I mean, am I truly ready for this? The closer I get to my destiny, the more I realize that I need to get my ish together! I thought that I have, but when I see what I’ve been praying for up close, I realize that I may not be able to manage the very things I’ve been bugging God about. Now I totally understand why God is making me wait so long for certain things! I don’t have what it takes (right now) to receive that major blessing but then again, it’s not just up to me to accomplish these goals, it’s God working in me, through me, and on my behalf!

The blessing is so major that if I tried to take it right now, I’d be accepting it prematurely (in my eyes). I’m just not ready… but will I ever be one hundred percent ready, or is God showing me these things now, because it’s time to make a faith move? 🥴 Does it scare you when you can actually see your dreams beginning to manifest? My stomach is currently in shambles because I don’t know if it’s time to take a leap of faith or continue to wait. The last thing I want to do is see my life coming over the horizon and then watch it pass me by because I was too chicken to jump on the opportunity or take a risk. 

Anyway, I’m praying about it. I feel like a kid who’s nervous because they’ve been called on by the teacher to speak in front of the class. They knew that the time was coming, they prepared, but the closer it got to their turn, the more anxious they became. I’m currently that kid, at the front of the class looking around… my hands sweaty and butterflies are in my tummy, but not the good kind, the kind that makes you puke! Ugh! 

It’s my time, what am I going to do? Well, I’m going to dismiss this fear of the negative what if’s, and I’m going to move forward in faith! I’m prepared, I’m not perfectly prepared, but I’m ready, and I trust that God has called me to the front not by chance, but with purpose and design… It’s my time! 😊

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