When the answer isn’t clear, go in faith.

Sometimes you’re faced with a decision that’s not a right or wrong way, but it’s a decision of faith. Sometimes, you just have to make a faith move. During these times, God may be silent. You may be praying for a sign, but one won’t come. God is saying to you, “Trust what I’ve taught you, and trust my Spirit to guide you.”

You may be thinking, but what if I make the wrong decision? What if my decision causes me to encounter a setback, or what if it causes me to take longer than I’ve anticipated to reach my goal? Here’s a message of reassurance, God won’t set you up to fail. He predestined you for a specific task, and He knew that you would be faced with the current situation you’re facing, during this time of your life.

He trusts that you will make the right decision, because you have trusted His Spirit to guide you. God wants you to know that He backs you! Whenever there’s a choice to make that’s not as clear as black and white, God wants you to go in faith, knowing that your outcome will be victorious either way! There’s lessons and blessings on both ends. You’ll encounter things whether you go left or right, but at the end of going through, either decision with lead you to your destiny!

Be encouraged, and remember, when the answer isn’t clear, go in faith, and trust God in the decision you choose to make. ♥️ Be blessed. 😇

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