The dry place.

Are you in a place you don’t understand ? Does it feel like you’re alone in the wilderness? Do you feel weary and unfulfilled? Do you feel stuck or unsure of which path to take? If so, be encouraged my friend. ♥️

Matthew 4:1

The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the desert, so that the devil could test him.

Have you ever sat and pondered about the above scripture? Go ahead, read it once more, but slowly, and think about what this scripture is saying, I’ll wait…

May I give you my perspective on this, and hopefully it will help you get through whatever you’re going through! I love you, by the way! ♥️

The Holy Spirit led Jesus…

Good God! When you’re a child of God, His Spirit is what leads you. Let’s try something real quick. Insert your name on the line…

The Holy Spirit led ___________________. Where are you right now? If you answered yes to any of the questions in the beginning, that means you don’t feel like you’re in a place you’d like to be. You may be in a season that’s confusing, challenging, painful, or lonely… Did God lead you there? Yes! Did He cause the things you’re going through, no! Did He allow it, yes. I’ll come back to this in a minute, but let’s move on to another part of the above scripture.

into the desert

Whew Chile! Thank God for revelation. Y’all, the Holy Spirit led Jesus to a dry place! Now, if you know the background of this particular passage of scripture, then you know that Jesus had been fasting forty days and nights… and you mean to tell me God led Him to a DRY PLACE??? Good God Almighty!

Have you ever went through something, and then you went through something else, back to back, and it felt as if you couldn’t catch a break? Lost your job, spouse left you, and your dog ran away… then you get hit with an eviction notice. God why? Why me? You may ask.

“Are you punishing me for something, God?” you may ask. Your faith is being tested left and right, and you just feel like you’re in a dry place. Where’s the water, God? Where’s the life? Surely, you wouldn’t lead me into the wilderness! You may even say, “God, have you left me alone?” He has not. Although you may be in a dry, confusing, lonesome, or troubling place, God is still with you, in you, and is leading you! Yes.. even in that dry place. Let’s move on to the final part of the scripture, shall we?

so that the devil could test Him…


Okay, God. Really? Sighs… You led me TO A DRY PLACE SO THAT THE DEVIL COULD TEST ME!!!

Whew, Chile! I don’t know about y’all, but I’m stressed by the last part of that scripture, but fear not, self, if God brought you to it, He’ll bring you through it! 😌

Okay, y’all, so this is where I go back to how God doesn’t cause the things that we go through to happen, but He allows it. He allows it for a purpose. The first thing you need to understand, is that, when you are tempted, it is not of God. The enemy is testing your faith in God. When you’re in a “dry place” first of all, your head isn’t in the right space (if you’re not careful), you’re going to feel weak (physically), and when we’re weak, the enemy is lurking. (Okay, he’s always lurking, but during this time you’re an easy target)

Matthew 26:41

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

When we are physically weak, it’s the perfect opportunity to a conniving devil to entice us with things that are outside of the Will of God. He plays on our desires and emotions.

James 1:14

“But each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed.”

God tells us to be patient, and because we want whatever we’re supposed to be waiting on so badly, the enemy will send anxiety, and then we become impatient and try to handle things on our own (if we’re unfocused), or he’ll prey on whatever emotions you have available… I know Jesus is all God and all man, so my guess is his stomach was probably doing a lil growly growl! Lol His stomach was probably like, “Feed me,” so the enemy tried to use that to try to trap Jesus, but Jesus was focused! If you continue reading this particular chapter of Matthew, you’ll find that the enemy tried several tactics to try to get Jesus to worship him, to include quoting scriptures to Jesus (The Living Word of God)! But Jesus knew who He was, and the enemy didn’t stand a chance, even when Jesus was physically weak, and in a dry place. Our Savior stood on what He spiritually knew, and not what He physically felt!

I know it gets hard, but you have to know without a shadow of doubt that God is leading you to those seasons of your life for a purpose. It’s a season, not a sentence! God doesn’t cause bad things to happen to you, the enemy does, in order to tempt you, and see if you’re really who you say you are in Christ. God already knows what you’re going to do, but He’ll allow it in order to teach you a valuable lesson and strengthen your faith. You can’t be strong, grow, gain wisdom, or increase your faith, if you never go through anything.

So, don’t loathe where you are in life. If things aren’t going according to your plans, have faith that according to God, you’re right on schedule; after all, He’s the One who’s leading you, right? And He promised to never leave you, right? You will accomplish everything God put you here to do, and everything you go through, you’ll come out victoriously! Stay the course! ♥️♥️♥️

For more insight, download my book, “Betrayed with a kiss.” ⤵️

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