Recover before you replace.

It’s important to take time to heal after a breakup because during this time you’re vulnerable in ways that can cause you to listen to your feelings. After a breakup, your vision is cloudy because you’re emotionally damaged, mentally frustrated and confused, and often stressed out. These things can cause you to see what you want to see in a person, rather than acknowledging that person’s truth. Take time to make sure you’re okay. Take time to acknowledge your truth.

If you don’t know your truth, you’ll believe anyone’s lies. Give yourself the time, attention, and affection that you crave from someone else. Take your time when getting back on the dating scene. Don’t be so quick to replace if you haven’t recovered. Don’t make a new relationship about an old one.

Don’t compare someone new to someone in your past. If you’re still comparing, you’re not over that ex. Do what you need to do to get them out of your system. It may take a lot of prayer and fasting. You may need to pick up a new hobby or improve the skills you already have. Whatever you do, make your healing about you and becoming your best self.

Don’t rush! Avoiding your personal demons and other past issues, and rushing into something you’re not truly ready for, rarely has an ending you may be hoping for. The wrong type of person will prey on the vulnerable state you’re in, and use your weaknesses against you, in order to get what they want from you. Again, don’t be so quick to replace. Make sure that you’re happy, whole, and at peace, before allowing new energy in your sacred space.

Remember, recovering before you replace, keeps you full and replenished before entering into a new relationship. The last thing you want to do is begin something new with only the few pieces of yourself that an ex left you! Find yourself! Fall in love with yourself and every aspect of who you are and it will be easier to see others for who they are, instead of being deceived and blinded by your feelings and hoping a person lives up to the potential in your head when that’s someone they never intends to be.

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