Hard truth: The potential you see may never become their reality.

Your feelings will have you seeing potential in people that they don’t see in themselves, but that potential becomes a false expectation when what you see in that person becomes more of who you want them to become rather than who they truly are or want to be… People are who they are, right now. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, so pay attention to what people show you today, because what they are presently showing you is their truth! Stop trying to sugar coat it and making up excuses for people or a person who is unapologetic about how they mistreat you, or for how they refuse to take responsibility for their life as an adult… If they aren’t putting in an effort to do better, it’s simply because they don’t want to and you are not obligated to wait until they decide to. You could wait on someone to change, and they wake up one day twenty years down the road and change, but they also change you, meaning they go and find someone who isn’t willing to settle for less. They could also wake up twenty years down the road and surprise you, but again, who promised you tomorrow? Instead of wasting time hoping they’ll change and being constantly let down, you can either love them where they are by accepting who they are, or you can love them from a distance and focus on getting/keeping yourself together. Focus more on you and being your best self, and reaching your full potential, because we can’t change other people, but we do have the power to change ourselves.

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  1. Understatement! A lesson hard learned too many times!


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