Atlanta is too damn small. (Part 2)

I was about to pull into his driveway, when I saw him opening another woman’s car door, before she sat inside. Instead of pulling into the driveway, I turned left onto the next street, and hit a u-turn. I watched them talk, from the stop sign. I didn’t know what the conversation was about, but I saw her rub his beard, and smile.

After talking for a couple of minutes, she pulled off, and he waved goodbye, then went back inside his house. I immediately pulled into his driveway. I was furious, but I pretended to be fine. I walked inside, “Honey, I’m home,” I said, in a cheerful tone. He ran down the steps.

“Baby, is that you?” he said. “Surprise,” I said, with excitement. The act I put on could have won me an Emmy. “I thought that you weren’t coming back until Sunday,” he said. “Yeah, well, we finished the project way ahead of schedule, so I flew back home early.

Aren’t you happy to see me?” I said. “Of course,” he said, before giving me a kiss on the lips. His breath smelled minty fresh. It was two in the afternoon. He only brushes his teeth in the morning.

Even if he eats something that causes bad breath, he doesn’t brush afterwards, he just chews on a stick of gum. “You just got up?” I said. “No, I’ve been up since about nine this morning,” he said. “Really? I called you around that time.

Why didn’t you answer?” I said. “You called me?” he said. “Yes.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket. “I don’t have a missed call from you.

See,” he said, showing me his phone. “Hmm, that’s odd,” I said. I took my phone out of my purse and showed him where I’d called him at nine am. “That’s weird. I’m not sure what happened,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m here now. So, what have you been up to since I’ve been gone?” I said, while looking in his refrigerator. “Nothing much. I order groceries earlier, and the shopper dropped them off not too long ago,” he said.

“Oh, okay. Cool. I need to order groceries for my spot too,” I said. I logged onto my shopper account which he usually uses. There were no recent orders.

“You hungry?” he said. “I’m always hungry. You know that.” “Well, come, sit. Let me take your coat.

Relax, I’ll whip you up something right quick.” “Thank you baby,” I said, while looking at our shopping history. “Babe, you ordered groceries earlier right?” “Yeah,” he said, while getting a pan from the cabinet. “Why, what’s up?” he said.

“It’s saying that the last order was made a week ago,” I said. “Hmm, weird,” he said. The more he lied, the angrier I got, but I continued to hide it. “Was that the delivery lady who was leaving as I was pulling in?” I said. “Huh?” he said.

There was a woman leaving your driveway, right before I pulled in,” I said. “Oh, yeah. Yeah. That was her,” he said. There were no grocery bags in the trash, so I knew he was lying, but I didn’t say anything.

I was tired of going through this. Now he was keeping secrets, just like Nick, and I didn’t like it. After I ate, I pretended to be in the mood for some good loving, but he said that he had some work to catch up on. “Maybe later, baby,” he said. Okay, this was not like him at all.

Usually I can’t get in the door good without him ripping my clothes off. I pretended that there was some things I needed to take care of, so I left his place and went home. On the way home, Nick called me. I hadn’t talked to him in six years. I didn’t know if this was the devil trying to tempt me, or if it was a sign that marrying Travis would be a mistake.

Nick and I have kept in touch the past year, but we’ve kept it friendly. The crazy thing is, whenever I call Travis, Nick will either call or text me. Every single time. It’s been really weird. So back to this present moment.

A few minutes ago, while Travis was in the shower, I texted Nick to see what he was up to. Travis phone received a message shortly after. Y’all aren’t going to believe this, but the text was from Nick. “What the hell?” I thought to myself. The message said, “Your girl just texted me.

Have you told her yet?” “Tell me what?” I thought to myself. They know each other? I wondered for how long. Maybe this was the secret that Nick was keeping while we were together.

I was pissed. I started not to say anything, but I’d been holding my true feelings inside for too long. When Travis got out of the shower, I showed him his phone and said, “What the hell is this?” “Why do you have my phone?” he said. “Because you’re my fiancé.

Your business is my business,” I said. “No hell it ain’t,” he said, before snatching his phone. “You’re running around here pretending to be Ms. Perfect, but I know that you’ve been talking to Nick for the past year,” he said. “So what, he’s a friend,” I said. “A friend who’s also your ex,” Travis said.

“So what, you don’t trust me now?” I said. He didn’t say anything. “Oh, wow,” I said. “So, you don’t trust me, but you’re the one who cheated on me and lied about the woman being a grocery shopper,” I said. “What are you talking about?” he said.

“A year ago, I came here and a woman was leaving your house,” I said, before he cut me off.  “A year ago? I don’t even remember what that woman looks like, or who she is. She was a shopper,” he said. “You’re a damn lie.

Why was you opening her car door and letting her rub all on your face,” I said. “Baby please, jealousy doesn’t look good on you. Perhaps you should leave and call me later on when you’ve calmed down,” he said. “Perhaps, I should. You know what.

I can’t marry you if you insist on keeping secrets. I’m sure your homeboy told you that secrets are the reason I cut him off six years ago. Anyway, I’m out,” I said. I ran downstairs, he ran behind me. “Baby, wait.

Don’t leave like this. He grabbed my right hand and I unlocked and opened the front door with my left hand, and Nick was standing at the front door. I couldn’t deal with it. I didn’t know what was going on, but I got in my car and left. Travis was blowing up my phone for three days, but I didn’t answer.

That Sunday, I went to church. I hadn’t been in a while. My pastor was happy to see me. My pastor is also a prophet and he said something to me. He said, “I see three sevens.”

I know that triple seven is God’s number, and seven also represents completion, and the sabbath, which is a day of rest. My pastor didn’t have to go into detail about how those numbers pertain to me, because I knew. My first relationship lasted seven years. My second relationship with Nick lasted seven years, and this year marked seven years that I’ve been with Travis. I knew that this meant the end for us, and it was time for me to give it a rest, and rededicate my life completely to Christ.

I met with Travis a week after I’d called it quits. He still didn’t admit to ever cheating on me, and he begged me to stay with him. I couldn’t though. It’s crazy, but I haven’t heard from Nick since. A month after Travis and I broke up, I saw the woman who was in his driveway a year prior. She knew exactly who I was.

“He finally told you, huh?” she said. “Excuse me?” I said. “You’re not wearing your engagement ring, so that could only mean that Travis told you the truth,” she said. “Oh, right. You mean the truth about the two of you sleeping together?” I said.

She laughed, “God no. The truth about him being gay,” she said. “Honey, Travis is far from gay,” I said. “Actually, he’s closer than you think,” she said, before handing me her business card. It said, Private detective.

“I said, “What does this mean?” She said, “It means that the car club that Nick runs, is full of down low brothers. She was paid by a woman who contracted HIV from her husband, to find out who her husband had been sleeping with.” My heart dropped. She continued to say, “All these men sleep with each other.”

There were pictures of Travis, Nick, and other men in the car club. Listen, I didn’t have sex with your ex fiancé, but I was paid to get information, and in order to get certain information, I had to go on dates and flirt with him. I pretended to like having sex with bi men. Travis told me how Nick was in love with him, but he didn’t want Nick because Nick slept around with too many people, to include the man who gave his wife HIV. If I were you, I’d get tested,” she said.

I was sick, and ran outside to throw up. I immediately went to get every std test there is. A few days went by, and my results were in. My heart was racing, my hands were sweating, and my legs were shaking. My doctor came in. My stomach was in a knot.

My doctor sat on the stool and looked me in my eyes, and held my hand. “You’ve got to be more careful,” he said. I was sure that I was doomed. “All of your results are negative, but considering the situation you’ve told me about, and the HIV rate in Atlanta, you are considered lucky.” I cried, “Glory.

Thank you, God! Hallelujah! I cried, and praised God. He was protecting me even when I didn’t know what was against me. That day, I made a vow to celibacy.

Had I not gone through what I’d went through, I’d still be going outside of God’s will to feel loved, or even worse, I’d be married to a gay man. To all my sisters and brothers out there, take it from me. Wait until marriage. Your private is your treasure. Don’t allow just anyone in it, because you’re lonely, bored, heartbroken, or feeling unloved. You don’t have to act out of desperation.

Wait on God, and trust that the right one, will wait on you. THE END.

***Hey loves, this is the final part. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Remember, keep an open mind when it comes to ministry, because God can reach you anywhere and through anyone.😉***

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