Atlanta is too damn small… (Part 1)

There’s currently over half a million people who live in Atlanta, and it’s still too damn small… Everybody knows everybody, which means there’s a good chance you’re all sleeping with the same people… I just broke off an engagement to a guy who I’d been dating on and off for twelve years. Yes, twelve years. We got engaged two years ago, which means we’ve been in each other’s lives fourteen years. 

I would have called it quits a long time ago, but the sex was AMAZING! He had that come back, but then, something happened between us, and the sex hasn’t been the same. It went from AMAZING to good, good to mediocre, and mediocre to… let’s rewind thirty minutes ago… I was getting some head from him, but I was thinking about somebody else, just so I could cum. You don’t understand. 

He could make me cum over twenty times in twenty four hours, and now I have to think about my favorite male celebrity crush, in order to get one good bust out of me.  The past year we’ve been trying to make things work. We’ve both put in equal efforts to try and salvage this shipwreck of a relationship, but it’s just not the same anymore! The thrill is gone. It’s all fun and games when it’s all fun and games, but when things get real, the truth comes out.

They say that the truth hurts. Truth is, I’ve known the truth for a long time, but I needed evidence to confirm it. I don’t care how much you think you know the truth, once you get the evidence, it’s like finding out the truth for the first time. God gave us an intuition for a reason, but we just gotta have that confirmation. Anyway, this was the only confirmation I needed to be completely done. 

Before I get to what made me finally call it quits, let’s go all the way back to where it all began. I met him at a club in 2006. I was out with my homegirls. I’d been in desperate need of a girls night out, because I’d been spending weeks at home in a deep depression, because my boyfriend of seven years left me out of nowhere, for another woman. Me and my friends went to this club on the west side. 

When I first met Travis, he was cute or whatever, but I wasn’t interested, however, I didn’t dismiss him. He was talking to me at the bar, and I pretended to listen to whatever it was that he was saying, but my mind was still on my ex. I don’t even know why I gave him my phone number to be honest, seeing that my heart and mind was elsewhere. After weeks of him attempting to reach me, I finally returned his call, but I kept the conversations short. I still wasn’t feeling him like that, but he pursued me consistently, and he showed genuine interest, so I gave him a shot. 

After three months of getting to know him via phone, I agreed to our first date. We went to a 90’s R&B concert, downtown. The vibe between us was lit, but I wanted to take things slow. I only wanted friendship at that time. So, we remained good friends, no benefits.

I dated other people, and so did he, as single people should. There were no commitments. During our friendship stage, I found myself at a club in Decatur, with my brothers. They are rappers, so they were performing. That night, there was another local artist at the club performing too. 

I wasn’t out looking for anyone, I was only there to support my brothers, but me and the guy who also came to perform, caught eyes. There was immediate chemistry, and it didn’t take long for there to become a genuine connection.  So, I’d spend a lot of time with him, and less time with Travis. This guy’s name is Nick. I would go to Nick’s studio to see him, and he’d take me wherever he went to perform.

After a couple months of spending most of our time together, we became official. He was my man and I was his woman. A couple months after that, we broke up. I got back in touch with Travis and we became closer. Still no titles, but now we were friends with benefits, especially between the times where Nick and I were off. 

Yes, I kept going back to Nick, or he’d keep coming back to me, and we did that for seven years. I finally put an end to it. Nick and I loved each other, but there was something secretive about him that didn’t sit right with me. What was he hiding? Whatever it was, it kept our relationship stagnant. 

We talked about marriage, but he never proposed. There was always an excuse. Keep in mind that when we weren’t exclusive, I was messing around with Travis. After Nick and I had our final split in 2013, I started to see Travis even more, but still no commitment. Hey, what can I say? It was the sex for me! 

Travis and I had been seeing each other for a long time, but I didn’t really know him like that, so every time was exciting. It wasn’t until 2018, that we became an item, and he proposed shortly after we became exclusive. I work out of town a lot, so one day I came back home to Atlanta a couple of days before he’d expected. This was last year, and that’s when things first began to go downhill. I thought I’d go over his house to surprise him, instead, I was the one who was surprised… and not in a good way. 

*** 😁 Hey, y’all! I bet you’re like, “Well… this is new!” 😝 Yeah… I write all kinds of stories. This story is fictional, but it’s inspired by true events. Stay tuned! ***

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