The truth about our comfort zones.

So, yesterday around this time, I tried to upload a video on this matter, but it only uploaded my intro and I didn’t know until my oldest daughter sent me a message. So, here I am writing, doing what I do. Writing is my forte, public speaking… um… not so much so, but I do it anyway, and I am not the best video maker, but I make videos from time to time so that I won’t get so comfortable in my writing bubble. I like writing because it’s what I am meant to do, but what if God is calling me for greater? And that’s where we need to have an open heart and mind, instead of being comfortable in whatever bubble we feel safe in. 

Comfort zones can be a good and bad thing. They can be good because they help you stay in your own lane and improve your gift or talents, with the right focus of course, but if you stick to anything because it feels safe, then you could miss out on many other blessings. Sometimes, faith feels risky, which is why we have to be careful with the safe feelings we love about our comfort zones. Just because it’s comforting, doesn’t mean it’s beneficial, positive, or something that will grow you; which is also why we have to be careful about who and what we entertain out of comfort. What you do in idle moments can become a habit, and if those habits aren’t growing you, they are slowing you down, holding you back, and keeping you stuck in unfavorable situations. 

When a person stays in their comfort zone, it keeps them from reaching their full potential. Sometimes, well a lot of times, when God is calling us to greater, it makes us uncomfortable. It makes us uncomfortable because we may have to let some people, places, and things go. It makes us uncomfortable because we have to become more disciplined, take risks, face our fears, and come to terms with some hard truths about ourselves. Don’t allow your comfort zone to keep you from your calling.

Remember, in order to move forward with your life, you have to let go of your past. Don’t remain stuck on what used to be, focus on what can or will be once you let go of people and things that makes you feel secure, but provides no real security. It’s time to move forward. For more insight, check out my book, “How to let go and let God.” Click here ⤵️

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