Close that chapter, it’s time for a new one.

Today is the day to put closure to those dead end relationships, situationships, and fake friendships! Stop waiting on an explanation, an apology, or for the person/people to get their minds right. Sometimes, the fact that they’ve said nothing, tells you everything you need to know. Pay attention to their actions. If they don’t care enough to communicate with you, then stop wasting your time trying to get a response!

Chalk it up as a lesson learned, close that chapter yourself, and prepare for the next season of your life! Remember, God is the head of your life and He’s ultimately in control. So, when people treat you like you don’t matter, or like you’re an option, or when they decide to walk out of your life, don’t chase them! Get your focus back! Do you!

Work your purpose, pursue your dreams, and allow the experience to make you better, not bitter! Successful, not stagnant! Wise, not weaker! In Jesus name! Let’s get it!

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