When a Christian is exposed. 😳

Christians are people too, we’re just held to a certain standard, but truth be told, we all have our issues. We’re all battling something whether we do it secretly or in public, God sees all and knows all. We’re supposed to correct in love, not in a way that condones a person’s wrong, but in a way that leads that individual to truth, understanding, and repentance. The problem is, too many Christians are “religious” like the Pharisees. They know the Word, but they don’t have a real relationship with God.

They believe following the rules will get you in Heaven, when there are people who don’t even believe in God, who follow the rules because they feel it’s morally right or out of tradition, upbringing, or whatever. None of us are perfect, if we were, there would be no need for grace, but thank God for Jesus! Only God knows His people’s heart. We know when we’re wrong, and whether we want out of the particular sin we’re in, is something we have to personally make a decision about. We can’t be delivered if we don’t know we’re a slave to whatever sin we willingly indulge in.

The thing that gets me is that, we as Christians, pick and choose which sin is okay, and which sin is not, and this irks me. I know people who hate homosexuals, but love people who fornicate and commit adultery! We should love all people and hate all sin. God don’t hate gays, just as He doesn’t hate you or me, but he does hate sin, any sin, including the ones we think aren’t that bad!

God is a Holy God! Just because it’s not “that bad” to us, doesn’t mean it’s all good with Him. We are born into sin, so naturally our logic is geared towards human understanding, but the Word tells us, “Lean not to our own understanding.” – Proverbs 3:5 We shouldn’t be against one sin, and accept the rest, because we’re comfortable with that specific sin, no, God isn’t like that. He does not discriminate.

All sin is the same to Him, and only Jesus Christ can make us right before Him. So, the best thing to do when our fellow brother or sister in Christ has fallen, is to pray for them, listen to them, understand them (even if you disagree with their behavior), and lovingly lead them back on the right path. We should also hold them accountable, but not in a judgmental way, but in a way of mercy and grace, just as God have with us. It just amazes me how some people respond when other people’s skeletons are out of the closet (or when they come out the closet in this situation). People show their inner truths when things like this happen, but most of the people who are outraged, have all kinds of things hidden behind their “private” doors… Anyway, just my two cents on this Darrel Walls situation.

Oh, and another thing, be mindful about who you call friend. It’s said, that a friend leaked the video of him kissing the other man. If you’re going to do something in secret, you better not tell nobody but God (in my man from “The Color Purple” voice). Anyway, I’m not condoning anything… I’m just saying. Dang it, one more thing, I promise. Remember, whenever you’re doing anything in secret, “What’s done in the dark, will come to light.” – Luke 8:17. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Love y’all! 😘

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