Externally fine, internally dying: Overcoming your past and living a victorious life.

So many people are carrying the weight of their past disappointments, failures, heartaches, and abuse they’ve suffered, all by themselves. What’s heartbreaking is that many of these hurt people have many friends, tons of followers, a church family, and others who care about their well being, but they don’t reach out to anyone because they’ve accepted their pain as a natural part of their life. They’re hurting in secret because in their minds, no one will truly understand, care, or the people they know, view them as “the strong friend,” or “successful friend,” because of how they’ve externally handled their problems, but external strength and success doesn’t equal internal peace or happiness. There’s a lot of people fighting their demons silently, but they’re really not fighting them because they refuse to LET THEM GO. If you are not in a good mental space, or if you are an emotional wreck, and your spirit needs restoration, the first step is to reach out to God with your whole heart.

Cry out to him. Tell him how you feel. If you need to vent, then vent to him. He’s God, but he is also your Father, and your friend. Don’t ever look to people to give you what only God can, and when you go to God, LET YOUR ISSUES GO!!!

Stop allowing the pains of your past to disrupt your future, your blessings, and your happiness. Sometimes we delay our blessings because we’re too wrapped up in what did or didn’t happen. Let the past go, and allow God to heal you. There are people who love you and God has put them in your life to help you, but you can’t be afraid to reach out and let them know that you’re hurting, and to the family and friends of someone who’s been through some pretty traumatic things in life, don’t forget to check on these people. Don’t be so wrapped up in your own life that you’re too busy to pray, hug, or be the kind word or bring a positive affirmation that someone needs in their life.

To the hurt people, don’t look for your friend, spouse, or any person to play the position of God in your life, and to the friends or family of these individuals, don’t try to be God to this person or even people. Trying to be God will drive you insane. Looking to people to do what only God can will keep you frustrated, depressed, and make you feel alone. Jesus bore that cross for us, and now He sits on God right side and reigns forever! If you want to truly be free and victorious forever, give your issues to the ONE who knows you better than anyone else, and the ONE who predestined everything you’ve went through and will go through, for a specific purpose, so that you will live victorious and forever reign with Him! ❤️

I love you, but God loves you most. Allow His Spirit to heal and make you whole today. Download your copy of my book, “How to let go and let God,” by clicking the link below.


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