We all need someone to talk to.

Be careful with who you choose to confide in because some people have their own agendas. The wrong person will use your weaknesses and even your words against you. Your secrets could very well become everybody’s business if you tell someone whose loyalty can’t be trusted. We all need someone to talk to, that’s how we connect with others. Healthy connections makes us feel loved, valued, appreciated, and it makes us feel like we’re not alone in life. 

Confiding in the wrong person makes you feel the opposite of all these things and could send you into a deep depression. We all need someone to talk to, so that we can express ourselves instead of keeping things buried inside that could hurt us later. We all need each other. God said it wasn’t good for man to be alone. This tells us that companionship is very important. 

If it wasn’t, God would have only created man, and no one else. 

God knew we needed healthy connections with other people in order to be our best selves! So, how do we know who we can trust? Start with a professional. A therapist, a pastor or Biblical counselor who is known to be trustworthy, or even a support group of your interest. 

All of these could be safe havens where you could freely express yourself without judgment and get feedback from people you can trust and who can give you sound advice. 

Many people in support groups share similar experiences that could help you in a positive way. Maybe their experiences can help you gain perspective so that you can navigate life in a more positive or productive way. You never know. Oftentimes we find that special someone to connect with by talking to a pastor who introduces us to someone with a similar story, or we find that one person we really connect with after being in a support group for some time. The main takeaway from all this is, talk to somebody! Don’t keep things buried inside! 

Talking to someone we can trust is how we connect with others and form lifetime bonds. Don’t be so quick to tell everyone your issues without getting to know them first. If you lead with your emotions, you could run people away or the wrong person will use your weaknesses against you. It’s best to talk with someone who will listen to you and if you ask for their advice, they’re unbiased, can give you a godly perspective, and someone with no secret agendas. Someone who genuinely cares about your well-being and is here to help you become your best self. ❤️

I’m here for you, whether you need to vent or you need advice, bring it!

Schedule a free biblical counseling session with me today via Facebook messenger, and don’t forget to get your download of my new book, “How to let go and let God,” by clicking the link below. 👇🏾

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