The measure of progress.

So, today marks one year since I decided to make working out a part of my lifestyle instead of something I did to reach a certain weight. Before I began making this lifestyle change I had spent my life working out, hitting a plateau, and then giving up because my body would pause at an undesired weight. I would think to myself, what’s the use? I might as well not work out at all if I’m never going to be the size I want to be.

My perspective changed exactly a year ago, because I began to be more interested in my overall health rather than just a number on the scale. I can count the times I’ve been on a scale in the past year, on one hand. Before this lifestyle change, I’d do it often and sometimes I’d want to fling the scale out of the window because it would be stuck on the same number that it was a month, or two, or even six months before.

Anyway, I no longer care about that magical number that I once felt would take many of my woes away. I’ve learned to be happy with who I am and doing what I can to stay healthy. The number on the scale doesn’t define me, God does! So, I’ve learned to be happy with progression, whether it’s very noticeable or barely, because it’s still progress. As long as I’m moving forward, I’m moving in the right direction.

A year later and I feel good! Pants that were once tight, are now loose. I can see more of my curves. Other people can see a difference, and guess what? The weight loss is mostly in inches! If I only went by the scale, I’d be sad and frustrated, because I’ve only lost ten pounds, but I’ve lost mad inches!

I’m proud of myself, as I celebrate my progress! This is motivation to keep going no matter how slow progress seems. Little changes today will make a big difference tomorrow. So, cheers! 🥂 Here’s to everyone who’s making progress, be it fast or slow! Whether you’re on a weight loss journey, career, or whatever your personal goals are! May God continue to fuel you with everything you need for the task ahead, and may you remember that this race isn’t given to the swift, but to the one who endures to the end! ❤️ God bless.

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