Set apart from the world: A prayer for those whose desire is to maintain godliness in a sinful world.

Lord help me to be intentional in my thoughts, words, and actions. I don’t want to be naive or ignorant in my doings. Keep me out of my feelings and help me to stand in truth always. Thank you for correcting me when I’m wrong. Thank you for shedding light to the darkness.
Thank you for waking me up when I was sleep and unknowingly following the customs and the ways of this world. Break every chain of paganism followed by customs and traditions that those who came before me followed because those who came before them followed them. Your Word says, You will not have us ignorant. Your Word also says, we perish from our lack of knowledge. You’ve given us knowledge in this new age to learn things and get to know you for ourselves.
I’m tired of doing things because it’s common, or because I’ve learned it, or because friends or family does it. I have learned wrong behaviors and I repent. Your Word says that no one can encounter you and stay the same. I’m tired of doing things my way. I just want to be right, not in the eyes of myself or people, but in your eyes.
I don’t want to be lukewarm. You are a Holy God. Help me to walk in holiness and reverence you with the glory and honor you deserve. Thank you for loving me and keeping my foot from slipping. In Jesus Holy name. Amen.

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