Monday morning coffee: Level up your faith.

You don’t have to receive anything in your spirit that causes you to have a victim’s mentality. Stop accepting lies about yourself when God has given you power to overcome everything this world throws at you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and telling people the worse about yourself and throwing these pity parties in hopes that someone feels sorry for you! You’re wanting the world to see you and you don’t even see yourself. It doesn’t work like that.
You must learn to rise above it all by putting your focus and your hope in God alone. People can’t give you what God can, because we are all imperfect and we all are dealing with something. Seek God first, and the happiness, peace, love and security you seek will come by way of the Holy Spirit. Then you won’t need people to feel sorry for you. Instead, what you’ve been through will be a testimony, made to inspire and uplift others, rather than a pity party that’s made for only you, but designed to get others to feel sorry for you! You don’t need people’s sympathy when it comes to things you can control in your own life, you only need to level up your faith! Get your faith up! Good morning. 😃☀️

Proverbs 23:7

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

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