Unforgettable: A Short story by Shubricca L Bell. Chapter 8 (Final chapter)

Hey, my loves! This is it! It’s been a blast writing this, I hope you enjoy but most importantly, I hope you found a message in it! One love. ❤️

Chapter 8


The reception area was decorated with sky lanterns, that hung beneath the beautiful palm trees on Tybee Island. The canopy was set in a Chuppah Mandap style, with royal blue and ivory rose bouquets to secure the curtains. The chair covers were ivory colored chiffon, and the tables were set with fine china and crystal glassware. The centerpieces were placed every five chairs, with sixteen inch clear Eiffel Tower flower vases that sat beneath bouquets of mini button ivory poms, white Cala lilies, and morning glory flowers. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking as guests watched the sunset above the island. 

The dance floor was in the middle of the reception area, and a photo booth was near the entrance.  “Shante did a really nice job with the wedding and reception decorations,” Jess said, to a woman beside her. Wait, she did all of this herself?” a lady asked. “She supervised, but her staff put it all together. You know she’s been doing home decor and event planning since forever, so putting together her wedding and reception was her dream,” Jess said. 

“This is really nice,” the woman said. Jess had no idea that the woman was a producer from a popular home decorating television show, and the woman wanted to feature some of Shante’s work on her show. Shante had no clue about this either, she had met the woman through a celebrity client. As Shante and Travis walked to the entrance, the DJ began to introduce the newlyweds. He began to play “A night to remember,” by Shalamar, in the background as he talked. 

“May I please have your attention as we welcome the newly weds, Mr. and Mrs. Anders! Please join me in congratulating the happy couple,” the DJ said. Shante came in waving her bouquet in the air, and Travis was doing a little two step beside her, as the crowd cheered and congratulated them. After Travis and Shante sat down, dinner was served, but before everyone dug in, Chris said some encouraging words to the happy couple and proposed a toast. After the toast, Chris had to leave to get back to Karen and their newborn son who were at a luxury resort nearby.

“Chris, thank you and Karen so much for coming. The two of you didn’t have to drive three and a half hours away with your newborn son, but I’m so grateful. Are you guys leaving tonight?” Shante asked. “You’re welcome, and Karen was determined to come, no matter what. So, I made it my business to get her here. 

We don’t want to be on the road too late with the baby, so my driver will take us home in the morning,” Chris said. “Okay, thanks again. Tell Karen to call me once you all make it home tomorrow,” Shante said. “Okay, I will,” Chris said. He then spoke a few words to Travis and left. 

Jess was posting pictures from the wedding and reception on her social media, and she scrolled down her timeline and saw that Curt’s son was born on the same day. Kirkwood Curt posted three hours ago: “The best day of my life. I got a son. Thank you, God,” with the praying hands emoji. After dinner, the DJ called the newly weds to the floor for their first dance. 

They danced to, “If this world were mine,” by Luther Vandross. Afterwards the DJ said, let’s get this party started, as he began to play, “Let’s get it started,” by The Black Eyed Peas. People began to come to the dance floor to party. Jess and Derrick went to the dance floor for a couple of songs. The two of them danced together doing mostly old school dances from the nineties. The DJ began to play some throwback hip hop and r&b, following Jess and Derrick’s lead.

Jess and Derrick looked like two best friends on the dance floor, laughing and having a good time. Jess began to get thirsty, so Derrick went to get her something to drink. Shante came over and began to dance with Jess. “I know that look,” Shante said. “What look,” Jess said. 

“That look,” Shante motioned her head towards Derrick, who had his eyes fixed on Jess with a huge smile. “He loves you,” Shante said. “I know. I love him, too, but we’re just friends. I’m don’t know if I’m ready to move on yet, I feel like if I do, I’ll be cheating on Mark. 

I don’t think Derrick’s ready, either. We’re just two friends who enjoys each other’s company,” Jess said. Derrick came back with the punch and Jess took a drink. “Whew, I have to sit down for a minute, my feet hurt,” Jess said. Her and Derrick went to sit at the table for a bit.

“Put your feet up here,” Derrick said, tapping his to leg. Then he took off Jess’ sandals, and began to massage her feet. Jess smiled, and watched in admiration with her elbow on the table and the side of her face cupped in her hand. This man would do anything for her, and she knew it. But saying hello to a new relationship with Derrick, meant she would have to say goodbye to Mark, for good. 

Although she didn’t want to say goodbye to Mark, she knew that it was time to let him go. Life and love had taught her not to take anything for granted. “I love you,” Jess said, without thinking. “I know. I love you, too,” Derrick said. 

“No, I mean that, I’m in love with you, Derrick,” Jess said. Derrick smiled, and looked into Jess’ eyes and said, “That’s exactly what I mean, every time I’ve told you, that I loved you.” “Really?” Jess said. “Oh, yeah,” Derrick said. 

“Will this mess up our friendship?” Jess asked. “Not if we never stop being friends,” Derrick said. Jess smiled, “Never,” she said. “I like the sound of that,” Derrick said. “Ouch,” Jess said. 

“What? Did I hit a corn?Derrick joked. Jess laughed, “Whatever. You know I don’t have any corns. No, it was a really strong Braxton Hick,” Jess said. 

“Are you sure it wasn’t a contraction? You are two weeks away from your due date. Wanna go back to the hotel?” Derrick said. “No, I’m fine. You know, I’ve been getting those really bad ones a lot lately,” Jess said. 

“I know,” Derrick said, as he worked his hands to Jess’ other foot. “Let’s hope she doesn’t come tonight. My anxiety would be through the roof if my water broke in the middle of the dance floor,” Jess said. “Well, just take it easy for the rest of the night,” Derrick said. 

Suddenly, there was slight commotion at the entrance. “What’s going on?” Jess said. Derrick turned around, and there was Curt. “Oh, hell nah,” Jessica said. “Wait a minute,” I thought you said that his baby was born today. 

What is he doing at Shante and Travis’ wedding, and who invited him?” Derrick said. “Nobody invited him, that’s Curt. He doesn’t need an invite to show up and disturb the peace,” Jess said. Curt began to walk towards Shante who was about to throw her bouquet. The DJ was just about to tell all the ladies to report to the dance floor when Curt interrupted. 

“Nah, hold up. I have something to say,” Curt said. “I’m about to stop this,” Derrick said, as he put Jess’ feet down and walked up to Curt. “Look, man. I’m not sure what’s your business here, but you need to go, like right now,” Derrick said. 

“That’s right, you don’t know what business I have here, because it’s my business POTNA! Now, get out of my way,” Curt said, before pushing Derrick. Derrick was about to punch Curt, but Travis calmly pushed Derrick to the side and said, “No, it’s okay Derrick, I got this one.” “Yeah, okay. You lucky, fake ass T.I.,” Derrick said. 

“I got your fake T.I., busta!” Curt said. Travis stood with his arms folded and looking Curt in the eyes. “Listen, Too Short, I’m going to tell you one time, “Get out,” Travis said. “Man, whatever, preacher boy. You better get out of my face.

Shante, it’s not too late to leave this clown. You can get this shit annulled. Listen, I love you baby. I made one mistake. I’m not even with lil shawty,” Curt said. 

Travis had enough of Curt’s mouth, he uppercut him under the chin and knocked Curt out. “Who wants to catch the bouquet?” Shante said, as if nothing happened. “Ladies report to the dance floor,” the DJ said. The ladies came running and stepping over Curt as if he wasn’t on the floor.

“Somebody get this cat out of here,” the DJ said, as two men dragged Curt out of there. One man poured water on him and he woke up. Embarrassed by what happened, he got into his car and drove back home. Travis threw the garter, and Derrick caught it. “Yo, once again, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Anders. 

I wish the two of you nothing but blessings, love and success. Travis and I go back a long time, and to those of you who didn’t know, back in the day, he had a nickname, TKO, y’all see why. Anyway, we’re going to continue to party and let’s continue to make this night unforgettable,” the DJ said, as he began to play the “Cupid Shuffle,” by Cupid. The dance floor was packed, as everyone danced the night away. Shante and Travis stood off to the side.

“I love you Mr. Anders,” Shante said, as she grabbed Travis’ tie and pulled him close for a kiss. “Um, and I love you too, Mrs. Anders,” Travis said, before they kissed again. “Come on love birds. Y’all have all night for that. “Come dance,” Jess said, as the happy couple followed her to the dance floor.


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