Unforgettable: A short story by Shubricca L Bell . (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7

Happy Birthday

Hey y’all, I know you’ve already read 1-6, but just in case you haven’t, go back! 😁 Too much has happened that you don’t want to miss! Anyway, enjoy! ❤️

The months seemed to fly by. It was now Memorial Day, and also Travis’ birthday. Family and friends were coming over to Shante’s for some poolside barbecue. Karen was due in a few days and Jessica was due in three weeks. They both came wobbling in the door, one behind the other. 

“Hey, y’all! Oh, look at y’all! Both of you look so cute with your maternity swimsuits. Come on in. The pool is ready if you all want to go out back.

Travis is out there grilling. Hey Chris, hey Derrick,” Shante said. Everyone spoke, then the men immediately headed out back with Travis. “Girl, I gotta sit down. My feet are killing me. 

Look at how swollen they are. They look like pigs feet,” Jessica said, as she took a seat at the dining room table. “Excuse me ladies, but I have to potty, for what seems like the hundredth time today, and it’s not even three o’clock yet,” Karen said. “Of course, go ahead,” Shante said. “You know, you’re next, don’t you?” Jess said.

“Next for what? A baby? Girl, no. Me and Travis both agree that we want kids, but I don’t know about having any, any time soon,” Shante said. “Well, it’s not like you can wait ten or fifteen years, friend. 

Your biological clock is ticking,” Jess said. “My biological clock? No you didn’t… As if we aren’t the same age,” Shante said. “Yeah, but I’m about to have a baby in three weeks.

I’ve had a lot of complications with my pregnancy due to age. You know what I’ve been going through. The risks increase with age, so you better gone and get started, and besides, don’t nobody want no old granny looking momma when you’re taking them to preschool. All the little kids are going to be like, “Somebody’s grandma’s here,” and your baby’s going to embarrassed, crying and talking about, “That’s my momma,” Jess said, in a pouty kiddie voice. “Whatever, forget you,” Shante said with a laugh. 

Karen came out of the bathroom. “Shante, Jess is right. Women over forty are at a higher risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, and protein in the urine, which can be deadly,” Karen said. “Thank you,” Jess said. “I just turned forty one.

Y’all act like I’ll be fifty tomorrow, but I get it. I totally understand,” Shante said. “Do you?” Karen said. “Yes, I do, and I appreciate the both of you. I really do.

I know it’s all done in love. Whatever happens, will be,” Shante said, as she finished the garden salad with grape tomatoes. “So, this means that there may be a baby in your near future?” Jess said, getting a baby carrot off the vegetable tray, and popping it in her mouth. “If it’s God’s will, yes,” Shante said.

“Now, grab that tray and let’s go outside, but wait,” Shante said, before whispering. “Listen, Travis birthday gift will be arriving in an hour. In about forty five minutes, I’m going to send him to the grocery store for something random, and when he gets back, his new car will be in the garage. I need one of you to record everything, once I go live on my page. “I got you,” Jess said.

“Yay, I’m so excited. He’s going to be stoked,” Karen said. “I know,” Shante said. “Come on, let’s go outside and eat,” Shante said. “Now, you’re speaking my language,” Jess said. 

“Happy Birthday, Travis,” both Karen and Jess said, as they came out the door. “Thanks, ladies. Hey, I’m finishing up the ribs, but everything else is ready, if y’all want to eat,” Travis said. “You don’t have to tell me twice,” Jess said, as she began to fix her plate. Karen wasn’t ready to eat yet, so she went to sit and put her feet into the water, while Chris got into the pool and went for a swim. 

“The water is actually really nice,” Karen said, looking back at Shante and Jess who were busy fixing their plates. “Are the two of you getting in?” Karen said. “Not right now, I’m trying to feed my face, sis,” Jess said. “Yeah, I’m going to get in later,” Shante said. Derrick fixed him a plate as well.

“Happy Birthday, baby,” Shante said, as she gave Travis a quick peck on the lips. “Thanks, babe,” Travis said. Everyone was having a good time at the barbecue, listening to nineties hip hop and r&b, and enjoying the pool. It was almost time for Travis’ gift to be delivered, but everyone had to play cool. Jessica went to sit beside Karen, and the two of them only splash their feet in the water.

“Dang, baby. I can’t believe that I totally forgot to go by the bakery and pick up those banana foster cannolis. Can you please go and pick them up for me?” Shante said. “Sure, baby. I forgot to grab some beer for the guys, so I was going to run up there really quick, anyway. 

Are you sure that the cannolis are all you need?” Travis said. “I’m sure, so hurry back. I’m going to have the super soakers ready when you come back,” Shante said. “Not the super soakers? Oh, this a party, party, huh?” Travis said. 

“Oh, yeah! But only for you, baby. Now, hurry back,” Shante said. “Okay, I’ll be back in twenty minutes,” Travis said. Travis’ new car was delivered as scheduled, now everyone was waiting inside until he got back from the store.

Everyone except Jess, rushed into the garage where Derrick had a camera set up to record Travis’ reaction. As the garage door came up, Jess quickly went out of the front door, to record Travis’ reaction from a different angle. “Happy Birthday,” everyone said. Travis was about to drop the beer and the cannolis on the ground, but Derrick grabbed the bags. “Baby, no way,” Travis said, in disbelief. 

“Yes way, baby,” Shante said, with a smile. “Baby, no way. You’re kidding me right?” Travis said. “Nope, here’s your keys,” Shante said, handing Travis the keys to his new whip. Travis hugged Shante, then kissed her all over her face and neck. 

Shante laughed. “Thank you, baby,” Travis said. “You’re welcome. Get in and take it for a spin,” Shante said. “Okay, get in the passenger,” he said. 

“Oh, let’s do it,” Shante said. Before Travis got into the driver’s seat, he looked into the camera on live and said, “Y’all see this Bimmer, 2020 i8? Wooo wee! I know you see it! Whose fiancée better than mines? 

Nobody,” Travis sang, in his Keith Sweat voice. He and Shante went for a quick spin down the street, and then they came back home. Travis loves his new whip. Once everyone came back poolside, Shante brought out the Super Soaker water guns, and everyone began to spray each other. Jess and Karen couldn’t run anywhere, so they got sprayed the most.

“So, all y’all just going to team up on the pregnant women, huh? Okay, bet. When I drop this load in three weeks, and then six weeks after that, y’all in trouble. You too Shante. Don’t think I’m going to forget, just because you’re my best friend,” Jess said. 

Good thing I didn’t wear my good wig over here,” Jess said. “I know you are glad. Look at my hair, it’s ruined,” Karen said. “Karen, you know I love you, but why did you come to a pool party with a brand new blowout,” Jess said. “I don’t know, girl. 

The party gave me a reason to get cute, you know I’ve been in the house for the past thirty six weeks, and you never know who me and Chris will run into. I can’t be out here looking crazy,” Karen said. “Girl, I think I’ve just peed on myself. I’ll be right back,” Karen said, as she tried to get up, but a sharp stabbing pain went through her belly.

“Help, it won’t go away,” she said holding her belly. Chris hurried out of the pool. “Chris, I think this is it,” she said. Chris gently helped Karen up. “Okay, y’all. 

It’s been nice. Travis, happy birthday, brother. Sorry, we have to go, but we have a baby on the way,” Chris said, with excitement. “Oh my God. It happens like that? 

Out of nowhere with no warning? Dang. I’m scared now,” Jess told Derrick. “You weren’t scared before?” Derrick asked. “Not really. 

What if it happens like that, and I’m at the grocery store or somewhere in public. That would be embarrassing if I’m just walking around in the store and my water breaks,” Jess said. “If something like that happens to you, you wouldn’t be embarrassed, you’d be in pain, and that’s all you’ll be thinking about. Trust me,” Derrick said. “Oh, I believe you. 

You’re a nurse, so I know you’ve seen it all,” Jess said. “Be sure to count your contractions to let the doctor know how far apart they are,” Derrick told Chris and Karen. “Gotcha,” Chris said. “We’re going to clean up here, and we’ll be on the way. Yay, you’re going to have the baby,” Shante said.

“Oh my God,” Karen said, out of nowhere and in a frantic. “What? What’s wrong baby? Was it another contraction?” Chris said. “No, my hair,” Karen began to cry. 

“Somebody’s going to take my picture, I just feel it,” Karen said. “Wait a minute,” Shante said, as she rushed to her room to get a head scarf. Then she came outside and quickly wrapped the scarf on Karen’s head. “Now, go, have a baby,” Shante said, as she opened the pool gate for them to walk to their car. “Lord, this woman is about to push a whole baby out, and she’s worried about her hair,” Shante said.

“We’re right behind you,” Shante said, with a wave, as she saw Chris and Karen off. Okay,” Karen said. Everyone began to clean up, and they changed into their regular clothes and headed to the hospital. While they were waiting, Shante watched the video of Travis’ reaction to his new car. As she was looking at the video, she noticed Curt was in the comments being messy. 

She was going to ignore his comments and block him, until she seen Jessica’s reply to his comments. “Aww, look at ‘the help’ and his sugar momma. It’s about time. I know you tired of that raggedy Honda,” Kirkwood Curt said. Jess responded, “Some people will say and do anything to stay relevant in a person’s life, even when it’s clear that the person doesn’t want anything to do with them.

My friends may not have time for pettiness, but oh, I’ve got time today. Travis may drive a Honda, but at least he doesn’t live with his momma,” Jess wrote. “That’s because he lives with his SUGA MOMMA!” Kirkwood Curt replied. “Curt, why are you on my friend’s page acting childish, and you have a child on the way? Go away,” Jessica wrote. 

“Nah, Shante’s really out here upgrading dudes. Good for her. It’s funny to me, because I ain’t never been broke,” Kirkwood Curt said. Then he began to post pics with him holding racks of money in the comments. “Curt, go head on. 

This man owns his business, debt free, while you’re out here posting borrowed money. Quit capping,” Jess said. Shante decided to block Curt. They had been having a great day, and an ex was not going to ruin it. Chris came out of delivery after everyone had been waiting a couple of hours. 

“Yo, I’m a fa-ther. Chris junior in the building,” Chris yelled, with both hands in the air, and then he begin to do a little two step. “Congratulations,” everyone said. The next day, Chris was trending on social media. The headline read, “It’s a boy!

Atlanta mayor does happy dance to celebrate his new bundle of joy! The delivery had gone well, and both Chris and Karen were thankful and overjoyed with their healthy little bundle of joy.

Five days later, and it was Shante and Travis’ wedding day. Although Karen had given birth a few days before, she and Chris came. The wedding was beautiful, but in a small intimate setting with only seventy guests. The reception would be much bigger and titled, “An Unforgettable night, with the Mr. and Mrs.” No one knew yet, but it would definitely be a night to remember. 

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