Unforgettable: A short story by Shubricca L Bell (Chapter 1)

Hey y’all! So, here’s a new short story for those of you who like romance, romantic comedies or shows like “Girlfriends,” “Sex in the City,” or “Sistas,” by Tyler Perry. This is the beginning so be on the lookout for the following chapters. Tag your girls in this post and the chapters to follow because it’s going to be gooood! 😁🍷

Chapter 1
The Beginning

“He ain’t got the key, I just let him in sometimes,” Shante said. “Wait a minute, are we talking about the key to your heart, your vagina or your house, because I’m confused at this point,” Karen said, before all three friends shared a laugh.
Shante Brown is the bad and boujee friend from the west side of Atlanta. Karen Parker is the classy and saditty friend from Buckhead, and Jessica Smith is the… Gemini. Yeah, Jess has two sides, and she’s from Decatur. “Speaking of houses, vaginas and keys, I need to go get my key from Mark trifling behind, because he ain’t getting no more of this cat,” Jess said. Shante shook her head. Karen put her hand against her forehead and shook her head too. “Child, what did Mark do now? I thought you just gave the man a key to your house two days ago,” Karen said. “I did. But I’m tired of him already,” Jess said. “But what did he do?” Shante asked. “Nothing, I just need my space,” Jess said.

Now you see what I’m saying about those two sides…

“Whew chile, the ghetto,” Karen said. Shante laughed. “Oh, I might be ghetto but guess what? So, is my brother who you married two years ago. So don’t be talking about ghetto. You know you like that ghetto love,” Jess said, as she began to roll her hips back and forth in a dance. They all laughed. “And Shante, I know you weren’t laughing, Ms. I made it out the hood but I couldn’t leave behind the wood,” Jess said. “Ouu, that’s a fire hook. I might make that into a rap,” Jess said. Shante was taking a sip of her Cabernet and spit it out from laughter. “Girl, you’ve made me mess up my carpet, dang! But you know what, you’re right. That hood wood, is some good good,” Shante said. “Aaye! That hood wood is some good good. That hood wood is some good wood,” Jess began to say in a rap. “You ain’t never lied,” Jess said as she gave Shante a high five. “Y’all crazy. Listen, I have a two o’clock appointment that I’m about to miss fooling around with y’all. And Shante, isn’t it a little early for wine? It’s just 1:30,” Karen said. “Well hell, it’s five o’clock somewhere. Listen, go on to your appointment before you’re late,” Shante said. “Yes, and tell my brother to call me. He’s gotten into politics and he act like he don’t know where he came from. I’m still his sister. Tell him he can call me sometimes, and tell him I need to hold about ten grand,” Jess said. “You see, that’s why he don’t call you,” Shante said, as she walked Karen to the door. Karen laughed. “I’ll be sure to tell him. He’s meeting me at the doctor’s office,” Karen said. “Girl, ignore that fool,” Shante said. “Sis, know I’m just playing,” Jess said, before whispering in Karen’s ear, “Tell him if he can’t do ten, I’ll take eight.” “Bye y’all,” Karen said, as she smiled and shook her head. “Love you girl,” Shante said, closing the door behind Karen. “Love you sis,” Jess said. “Love y’all too,” Karen said.
“Girl, I better get out of here too,” Jess said. “Right, you need to get your key from Mark,” Shante said. “Exactly,” Jess said. “Muah,” Jess said, giving Shante a quick peck on both cheeks. “Love you girl,” Jess said. “Love you too. Bye,” Shante said.
“I can’t believe both of them just left me like that. And look at my carpet. Now I need to hire someone to come out here and get this stain out of my carpet,” Shante said. She began to look online with her phone, for carpet cleaning companies. She found one rated five stars. She called them up and a guy from the company said that he could get someone to come out the same day. Shante was relieved.
A couple of hours later, a guy from the carpet cleaning service came. He was fine. Tall, chocolate, white teeth, strong arms, big feet… Shante was in a trance when she opened the door. “Umm, can I come in?” The guy said. “Oh, yeah. Sorry. Sure. I’m Shante.” “I’m Travis, with Professional Carpet Cleaning. Can you show me your problem area?” Shante closed the door. “Of course,” she said, as she lead him to the living room. “Oh, yeah. I can get that out for you with no problem. I’m going to go out to my van right quick and get my equipment. I’ll be right back,” Travis said. “Okay,” Shante said. While Travis was outside, Shante called Jess. “Hello,” Jess said. “Girl, what are you doing?” Shante said. “Mark,” Jess said. “What?” Shante asked. “I asked you, what are you doing?” Shante said. “And, I said Mark,” Jess said. “Bend over,” Mark said in the background. “What the hell,” Shante said. “Girl, I gotta call you back,” Jess said, with a moan. Shante ended the call. “They so nasty, and Jess so bipolar. I thought she was going to get her key,” Shante said. Travis came towards the door with his equipment. Shante opened the door for him. “This shouldn’t take too long. Are there any other areas of your home that needs servicing?” Nice home, by the way,” Travis said. “Thank you,” Shante said. There weren’t any other areas in her home that needed cleaning, but she got her bedroom carpet cleaned as well, just so she could look at Travis a little longer. He was done in an hour. “Would you like some water, sports drink, tea, soda?” she asked. Travis laughed, “Water will be fine,” he said. “Okay,” I’ll be right back. Travis began to get his equipment together. Shante brought the water back, and Travis drank it in less than a minute. “Thank you,” he said. People aren’t as generous as you,” but I appreciate it,” he said. Shante smiled, “No problem.” “You have a beautiful smile,” he said. “You’ve been smiling since I’ve been here. Do you just smile, all the time?” he asked. “Only when I like what I see,” Shante said. Travis smiled. “Same,” he said, with a smile. “So, are you single?” he said. “I am,” Shante said. She was finally done with her ex. “Well, can I take you out sometime?” “Let me check my schedule,” Shante said, pretending to go through her phone. “Oh, really?” Travis said. “I’m just playing,” she said. “Let me put my number in your phone,” she said. “I already have it,” Travis said. “You know, from when you called the office earlier. That was me who answered the phone. My partner couldn’t make it out here in time, so I came instead. We run the company together,” he said. “Oh, wow. Well I’m glad you came,” Shante said, with a smile. “There’s that smile again. Unforgettable,” he said. “What’s unforgettable?” Shante asked. “Your smile. You,” he said.

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