Present help: A poem by Shubricca L Bell

Time to lay those burdens down-
Aren’t you tired of carrying them around-
Aren’t you weary of overthinking-
What if I told you, you can conquer those demons-
What if I told you that you aren’t alone-
What if I told you that your house could be my home-
all you have to do is let me in-
and the fears, anxieties and pain will end-
I’m not promising you that life will be problem free-
but I promise you that in me, you’ll always have perfect peace-
I will always love you and I will never leave-
I will answer every call, you can always count on me-
I just want you to know that you’re not in this by yourself-
so cast your cares on me, and let me your present help.

***Hope this poem serves as a source of encouragement for anyone going through and just needs a mental break. I love you but God loves you more. Never forget that! ❤️

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