Don’t let it kill you before you decide to let go…

Some people allow others to take and take from them and they still won’t let go of that person who’s misusing them. What is it going to take for you to let go? Will you allow them to take your life too?
Listen, they’ve taken your smile, they’ve taken your peace, they’ve taken your joy, they’ve taken your money, they’ve taken your love, they’ve taken your time, they’ve taken everything good about you, from you! Then you’re left bitter, angry, confused, depressed, broke busted and disgusted, emotionally numb, with a negative way of thinking about yourself and the world… and yet, you’re still holding on to this person! 🗣 LET THEM GO!
Some people are already dead long before the casket because they’ve allowed someone else to take life away from them. They feel as though there’s no reason to live because they’ve made their purpose all about one person or in some cases people! Stop trying to force people to see you! The only acknowledgment you need is from God and then HE will open the right doors for you and bring you before the right people! Proverbs 18:16, “A person’s gift opens doors for him and brings him before the great.”
Your life isn’t meant to be lived fixated on people pleasing or loving a person to death! No! Your life is about loving people and being loved to life! Death follows destruction! If a person is destroying you mentally or physically, what do you think is next? Again, LET THEM GO! Love you more! Get to the point of which you say, “Listen here, it’s either me or you, and I choose myself! It’s okay to choose you when people aren’t pouring into you like you pour into them. Strong people needs watering too or else they will die! Period.

Don’t forget to get your copy of my book, “One for the reason of love.” ↙️

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