There are some things that has happened to other people and they’ve gotten over it, but you haven’t! Listen, GET OVER IT! First of all, it didn’t even happen to you! Oftentimes, what our family or friends go through does affect us, but if it didn’t happen to you, don’t make it about you! Learn from it, don’t dwell on it! If they have forgiven, forgotten and moved forward and bettered their life, then hey, you should do the same! Stop bringing up their past and getting upset about something that may have taken that person years to overcome. Every time you say, “I hate that person for doing that to you twenty years ago,” or “I hate that you made that mistake five years ago,” it’s like a gut punch or being tortured! Do you know how long it takes a person to truly forgive a person who has wronged or betrayed them? Do you know how long it takes people to forgive themselves for a stupid mistake they made in their past? Sure, everyone’s different, but for most people, it takes a really long time! It’s insensitive and selfish to tell a person, they’d be better off, had not they went through whatever it is they’ve been through in the past, whether it was a divorce, an illness, being incarcerated, being abused or whatever the case may be. Hey, nobody’s signing up for bad things to happen to them, and who are you to say they would be better off in life, had they not gone through those things. Better off by whose standards? Yours or God’s? Understand, that when a person has been through the worst in life, and they are a child of God, then they are exactly where God wants them to be, for this moment. Where they are right now is not their end, until God says, it’s over! God can use a person anywhere, no matter their current situation or their past! He can people in jail, just like he can use people who are free! He can use people who are divorced (I’m a witness 🙋🏾‍♀️) just like He can use people who are married! He can use people who are sick, just like He can use people who are well. You don’t know the calling on a person’s life, they way God does! Oftentimes, God will allow you to go through the difficulties because He has a greater purpose for it. He doesn’t cause the bad things in our life, but He doesn’t always stop it either, especially if not only we, but other people’s lives will be saved by our testimonies! When you choose to dwell on someone else’s past and compare where they are in life to where you think they would be, had not they went through what they did, you are really saying, that person isn’t living up to your expectations! Listen, bump your expectations! They are where God has assigned them for this season! They are exactly where God needs them to be, IF the Lord is their guide! God doesn’t lead us wrong! The tragedy, disappointment, illness or whatever it is a child of God faces, doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us! This means we are not victims of our past, because even our past and anything bad we experience, works for our good! That’s the Word! I can understand a person having sympathy for their loved ones or friends, and only wanting the best for them, but your best for them and God’s best for them are two different things! You may be worried about them not having what you consider “the best life,” but God is more concerned with them having eternal life. You may be concerned about their past, but God is concerned about their future! Not the future you want for them, but the future HE has planned for them. The Word of God says, in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you.” Listen, God knows what He is doing. He knows the plans He has for your loved ones, and it’s not your plan or theirs, it’s His! He knows how to get each of us to where we need to be! If it was up to us, we’d choose a different route, an easier route. Look, I know, you may not mean any harm when you bring up a person’s past. You’re just frustrated or angry by something someone else did to them or something they did to themselves IN THEIR PAST! Hey, listen! You have to let that go! You are giving their past to much power over your life! You’re not giving it past over their life, because they are at peace! They’ve moved on, but when you bring up their past troubles, it’s like rubbing salt in a wound. Learn to let people heal and be free! People don’t need a reminder of what happened to them, they need hope, encouragement and motivation to move forward. So, get over their life, and focus on your own! Personal success is different for all of us. One person’s success story may be being sober seven days, another person’s success may be being a CEO for seven years! It’s different for each individual, because we all have our own journey! So, love on people, God’s way, and leave their past in the past! You may need everything they don’t have to live a happy life, it doesn’t mean they need those things. However, God will equip them with everything THEY need, just as He’s done for you! People don’t need pity parties, they need friends and family to celebrate who they are now! As long as people are making progress, it doesn’t matter the pace, especially when the LORD, NOT YOU, BUT GOD, is their guide! 🙂❤️

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