You are deserving of love.

Some people are so emotionally broken that they don’t know how to receive real love. They feel that they’re undeserving of something authentic that has no strings attached. They believe that if someone loves somebody like them, then they must have other motives. The damage that was done from previous relationships, or childhood is something that they carry around like a badge of honor, and it’s sad! They believe every lie that was ever told to them. They believe that they only deserve the worst in life. They believe they’ll never be anything. I want to encourage anyone who feels this way, that TODAY’S A NEW DAY! God is saying, that those things you’ve went through are not your identity! You are who I say you are, says the Lord! You are my child! You are loved and worthy of love! You are blessed and not cursed! You are royalty! You lack no good thing! I have good plans for you, says the Lord! Again, Today’s a new day! The chains and shackles of your past has fallen off! It’s time to walk in your victory and receive every good thing God has for you! In our Lord and Saviour, Jesus name. 🙏🏾

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