A day at a time

In Matthew 6:34, Jesus said, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
Jesus is basically telling us, to take things a day at a time. Focus on the present because tomorrow will take care of itself, just like today. There are things and people that needs our attention today. There’s a lesson to be learned today. There’s an assignment that God wants you to work on, today. Tomorrow will require, whatever that day brings, but today, utilize what God has given you on THIS DAY!
Don’t live today, by looking for tomorrow, and what I mean by this is, don’t miss being happy, don’t miss what God is saying to you, and don’t overlook the blessings and people you have today, because you’re so focused on what tomorrow may bring. What if tomorrow never comes for you? Will you have spent each day in vain? Are you wasting time or making the best of it? Are you choosing gratefulness today, or are you waiting until you get what you want in life, in order to be happy? You have everything you need, and that is what God promised. I’ve found that oftentimes we are looking to the wrong things or people to make our situation or life better. People and things brings temporary happiness, and money goes as fast as it comes… sometimes even sooner, but Jesus is the well that never runs dry. (See John 4:14)
You may not be where you want to be in life, but you’re still here, which means your story isn’t over. While you patiently wait on the promise, there’s work to be done, today. Be a good steward over the present, because today is a gift from God. What we choose to do with today, determines our tomorrow. Don’t worry about anything that’s out of your control. Listen to the voice of God. Don’t be anxious about anything, as the Bible tells us. The Holy Spirit will tell you what you should do. Sometimes, God will say be still, sometimes He will say step out on faith, and in both cases, oftentimes we’ll be like “say what?” It takes both faith and patience to either be still or step out on faith and do something that makes no sense to the human mind, but makes complete sense to God. So, make the most of the day by being faithful and grateful for everything God has given you. You have everything you need for today, stop worrying about tomorrow. Tomorrow will not make things better, if you can’t find joy in today, or if you’re not making the best of today. Being a faithful steward over what we’re graced with today, teaches us how to manage the blessings of tomorrow.
For more insight, listen to this! 👇🏾 https://anchor.fm/shubricca-bell/episodes/No-good-thing-adapted-from-Psalm-8411-eb8s8a

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