A prayer for those who feel like throwing in the towel.

God, I come to you on behalf of those who are exhausted. Those who’ve prayed and cried, worked and waited and still haven’t seen the results they’ve been praying for. I ask you to shift their hearts and minds on you, and not their problems. I ask you to give them your strength, your peace and your joy. May their hope be in you Lord, and not in the things they may think they lack. For your Word says, Those who who trust in you lack no good thing. Lord, reassure those who feel like they’re alone or that their life is at a stand still that, you are the God who goes before them and who are with them, and it is you who makes their paths straight. Give them the assurance that as long as they are looking to you first, and allowing you to guide them, then they are exactly where they’re supposed to be. Help them to recognize the purpose for which you’ve created them, and give them the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of how to use their gifts for your glory. Keep their minds stayed on you. Fill them with your Spirit. Increase their faith, and Father God, give them rest. For we know that you’ve equipped us with everything we need in life. Help them to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit when they want to tap out. Remind them that the real treasures are in Heaven and not the temporary pleasures of this world. I pray that you cover them with your blood. Strengthen them with your power. Calm them with your peace. Secure them with your love. Fill them with your Spirit & Complete them with your joy. In Jesus name. Amen. *** Check out my Podcast UPLIFT. It’s inspiration you can enjoy in the morning, on your way to work, while you’re out running errands, before you go to bed at night or anytime you need a spiritual vitamin! Click the link to subscribe. Thank you for your support! ❤️🙏🏾 https://anchor.fm/shubricca-bell

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