Are you okay, or are you settling?

You know, one of the things I’ve learned this year is that people are not okay with being okay, when they know that they can do better. Sometimes, it takes someone else’s unpopular opinion about us, to make us realize that we’re settling in life. They tell us the ugly truth about ourselves and it bothers us, because we know that we can do better. With faith in God and determination in your heart, you can do anything! We must stop making excuses and limiting ourselves by how we perceive things. If we are faithful with what we have, God will bless it, but we must put in the work. It’s not that we can’t do better, oftentimes we won’t do better, until we’re pushed out of our comfort zones by force. Why wait though? We must push ourselves, before things get to the point to where we have no choice but to do better. Don’t get comfortable with settling! The Word of God says, in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” So, more often than not, we have no excuse. Being or doing better may be challenging, but when you see the fruits of your labor, it’s worth it! So, my challenge to myself and to you is this, ask yourself; Am I okay, with where I am in life? Am I okay, with who I am?” If you’re not okay, then don’t wait until someone else comes along and says, You can do or be better. Or, don’t wait until you see someone else living their best life before you start to live yours. Don’t waste anymore time. Be your best self, by doing some self improvement. We could all be better at something. Remember, if you have the faith for it, God will help you bring it to pass. ❤️82F6467D-5038-47B2-9E95-A51D2BA27B52

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