Underneath the mistletoe. (Pt.1)

Hey y’all! Just wanted to say, I love you guys! You all rock! Thanks for reading my Christmas stories. This is the third Christmas story I’ve written. Yay me! Lol Anyway, you all know that each story has several parts. This is part one of “Underneath the mistletoe”. Enjoy!
“Is that you Fiona?” her grandmother said adjusting her glasses with one hand, and holding her hip with another as she slowly walked towards her front door. Fiona smiled outside the screen door as she watched her grandmother come greet her. “Yes, it’s me. Hi, grandma.” Her grandmother unlatched the screen door. “Hey, baby. Welcome home,” her grandmother said opening the screen door for Fiona to come in. Fiona dropped her suitcases by the door and gave her grandmother a big hug. “Oh, grandma. I miss you so much. It’s so good to be home.” “It’s so good to have you home, baby. Take off your coat and relax. Dinner will be ready soon. Oh, there’s a surprise waiting for you in the kitchen too,” her grandmother said slowly walking back to the kitchen. “A surprise for me?” Fiona couldn’t wait to see what it was. Growing up, her grandmother would surprise her with homemade frosted sugar cookies. They were Fiona’s favorite, especially around the holidays when she’d help her grandmother make the cookies using the Christmas cookie cutters. Fiona couldn’t wait to turn the corner, but when she did there was no cookies. Instead it was her childhood best friend, Deandre. It felt like time stopped for a moment and everything was happening in slow motion. She couldn’t believe it. Fiona paused for a second as they both smiled at each other. Then it was as if time began to move again and Fiona rushed towards Deandre. “Ahhh!” Fiona screamed with excitement as she held her arms out for a hug. “Deandre. I can’t believe it,” she said. He laughed and embraced her with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Fefe,” he said in a deep sultry tone, while still holding her in his embrace. Grandma cleared her through, “ahem” she said. Fiona slowly came out of Deandre’s embrace. Still smiling, she said, “My goodness. Deandre, how long has it been? How are you?” “It’s been almost ten years, and I’m good. Better now that I see you,” he said. You know, our ten year high school reunion is coming up soon.” “Yeah, I saw that on Facebook. I can’t believe it’s been ten years already,” she said. “Right. So, how has life been treating you in the Big Apple?” he said. “Life has been good. Fast paced. Much different than home, but I’m glad to be back,” Fiona said. Her grandmother took her famous homemade shepherd’s pie out of the oven. “Y’all two, sit down.” her grandmother said. “Oh, no grandma. Let me help you with that.” “Child sit. I’m fine. As long as I can keep moving, I’m good,” her grandmother said. Her grandmother sat the pie on the table. They all said grace and dug in. They laughed as they all talked and reminisced. “The two of you were inseparable as kids,” her grandmother said. It’s good to see the two of you back together. The chemistry is still there. It’s as if neither of you ever left.” “So, how long are you going to be in town?” Fiona asked Deandre. “Well, actually I moved back a couple of months ago,” he said. “Really?” “Yeah,” the company I work for is expanding and as you know our small hometown here in Greenville is growing pretty fast,” he said. “I see,” Fiona said. “It seems as if Greenville’s catching up with other popular cities in South Carolina.” “Yes, it is. I’ve had three different offers for my house in the past four months. I keep telling those people. I’m not selling my home,” Fiona’s grandmother said. “Grandma, why not? I told you that you can come and live with me,” Fiona said. “Ha! Where? In New York? No thanks Fe. I’m a country girl. I wouldn’t know what to do in a big city like New York for more than a week.” “Grandma. You wouldn’t have to do anything. Unless you wanted to. You’ve taken care of me most of my life. Let me take care of you. The only thing I’d like you to do is cook, but even that’s optional. You can do what you want. Come and see all that New York has to offer,” Fiona said. “I’ve seen enough each year you fly me out there, and to be honest, I don’t miss it child. It’s just too much going on, and the people drive like they’re all mad,” her grandmother said. They all laughed. “Okay, grandma. If you insist on staying, I’ll leave you alone.” “Good, because I’m staying right here. This house has been in my family for five generations, and when I’m gone on to glory, I will pass it down to you,” her grandmother said. Her grandmother cleared the dinner that and brought out a plate of her homemade Christmas sugar cookies. Fiona was thrilled. Each bite brought back a childhood memory. “Um, um, umm. So good grandma. Thank you,” Fiona said. “You’re welcome, baby. Now I’m spoiling the two of you today, because I need for the two of you to help me pick out a Christmas tree and decorate the house tomorrow. Your aunt and uncle and their families are all coming over this Christmas, because they heard that you were in town. You know that I’m normally in NewYork with you on Christmas, so I haven’t had a Christmas tree or decorated my yard in years, but I have a feeling that this Christmas is going to be very special,” her grandmother said. “Yes, ma’am,” Deandre said. “I will be over bright and early in the morning.” Fiona walked Deandre outside. He crossed the street and went to his parents house. Fiona walked back inside her grandmother’s house, and then closed and locked the doors. Her grandmother was looking at photos of Fiona’s mom who had died when Fiona was two, and photos of Fiona’s grandfather who had died when Fiona was five. “I miss them both,” her grandmother said. “I know you do. I miss them too,” Fiona said. Fiona hugged her grandmother. She loved and admired her. She had suffered great loss but she was still so very strong. Fiona thought about how guilty she felt when she was about to go off to college in NewYork, but her grandmother encouraged her to follow her dreams and not to worry about her. Fiona still worried. She didn’t want her grandmother to be by herself. Sure, her grandmother has a brother and sister, but they have their own families. Fiona hadn’t told her grandmother yet, but she’d gotten a job offer thirty minutes away from her grandmother’s house. The pay was the same, but Fiona would be with her grandmother and that mattered more than anything, however, she wasn’t ready to give up her life in the big city. She had a lot to think about and she had to make a decision by Christmas, which was seven days away.

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  1. Mrs Deon says:

    This needs to be a Christmas movie Tyler Perry’s


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