Is your “type” keeping you from experiencing true love?

There’s nothing wrong with having a type unless your type is solely based on frivolous things like how much money a person makes or what kind of car they drive, or how big their social circle is, or them having to be up to date on the latest fashion trends, or they must have a certain look or physical features. All of those things are vain and none of those things are as important as the character of an individual. It’s terrible to only be attracted to someone because they make six figures or more, drives a BMW or better, is popular or well connected to higher business executives, political figures etc, only wears Gucci or other designer fashions, has the perfect face and body. What about how this individual treats you and treats themselves? There’s nothing wrong with wanting stability, but don’t be shallow. Also, you must be able to bring the same things to the table or better. Don’t be with someone because you like their swag. Swag can’t get a prayer through. Swag can’t save a marriage. Swag can’t raise a girl into a woman or a boy into a man. Swag can’t get you through trials and tribulations of life. Sure, we all want someone who we’re physically attracted to. That’s a no brainer. However, we shouldn’t be so strict on how their physical appearance should be, or the type of job they have or how many material possessions are in their possession. The things that should be at the top of your type list are things that money can’t buy like, the individual having a personal relationship with God, or them having vision and goals. How about self respect and respect for others. Self control, good communication skills, loyalty, love of God, themselves and their fellow human. They may not have the job you envisioned them to have, but you should applaud the fact that they have a job. They may not have a mansion, but at least they have a home. Forget all that other crap, because it’s meaningless when it comes to love and fulfilling your God given purpose in life, and oh, let me just say that your type should be someone who fits into your purpose. God made Eve as Adam’s helpmeet. She fitted Adam’s assignment. So, if you keep attracting the same spirit but a different face… you may want to reexamine your type. Sometimes it’s not a physical thing, it’s spiritual. Yes, you can have a spiritual type and be unaware of it, and that could be a stumbling block that’s keeping you from finding true love. How do you get over the wrong spirits? By inviting God into your heart and asking Him to fill you with His Spirit and by being obedient to His Word and trusting His will for your life, but even before all this, ask God to deliver you from whatever stronghold that’s holding you back from experiencing true love. Sometimes we know what spirit we wrestle with, but sometimes it’s even deeper than the obvious, and we need for God to uproot those things and plant the fruits of the Spirit into our hearts. Having the wrong type which could be the wrong spirits or based only on the outer appearance of a person, will get you a lot of traffic but no stay… You’ll leave one relationship and immediately get into another, but none of it will be meaningful. However, the right type, which is not vain but fruitful, will only run off the wrong ones and make room for the right one. You may not get as much traffic as the shallow person. You may get lonely, and that’s okay. Use that time to draw close to God, find yourself and find your purpose in life and work diligently at that. In due time I believe God will position you to receive the right one for you. Remember, it was God who said, it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone. 😉 He knows what we need y’all. Sometimes, we just aren’t doing what we need to do in order to receive. Sometimes… those “types” are getting in the way of us being obedient or walking in our purpose. We must do our part and God can always be trusted to take care of us. ❤️ Isaiah 60:22 (b) “At the right time, I, the LORD, will make it happen.”

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