A Christmas Carol – Remix (Pt.6)

Hi everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 Hopefully you’re all caught up. If not, go back and read parts 1-5, before you read part 6. This is the final part! Yay! If you’re all set, let’s jump right into it. Much love. ❤️ 

Carol was awakened by sounds of children playing in the snow. She opened her blinds, and lifted her window up. It did her heart good to see some of the kids making a snow man, as others slid down the snowy hills on sleds and snow tubes. “Hey you,” a couple kids who were playing in the snow in Carol’s yard, looked up and took off running when they heard her voice. They knew Carol as the mean lady. “No, please come back,” she said to the kids who kept running. “What day is it?” she yelled. A teenager who was walking by, heard Carol ask what day it is, and he yelled up to Carol, “It’s Christmas!” “Really? It’s Christmas? I didn’t miss it? I didn’t die? I still have a chance?” Carol yelled back to the young man. “Umm, sure, I mean, I guess. I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the teenager yelled back, confusingly. Then he smiled, waved and continued to walk by. He shook his head. “What a weirdo,” he said to himself. “Merry Christmas everyone!” Carol yelled out of her window. She closed her window and checked her phone. It was seven am. She called Romona and told her that she could take Christmas off. She asked her to call all the other employees and tell them not to come in as well. “Everyone gets paid for today and a holiday bonus as well,” Carol said. Romona was thrilled. “Thank you Carol. Thank you so much.” “No, thank you Romona. You’ve been my best friend and the best executive assistant anyone could ever dream of having. I want you to know that I appreciate everything you do. This company could not function without you. That’s why I’m promoting you to CFO.” Romona screamed. She told her fiancé, “Baby, Carol just promoted me to Chief Financial Officer. Ahhh, she screamed with excitement, again. Thank you so much Carol, and Merry Christmas.” “Merry Christmas Romona, and take care of Slim Jim.” “Okay, I will,” Romona said, not knowing Carol knew he was sick. After Carol got off the phone with Romona, she called Xavier. He didn’t pick up though. She tried to call him again. Still no answer. Carol jumped in the shower and got dressed. Then she went to the shelter where Xavier volunteers, but not before stopping by the ATM. She wished she could have bought gifts, but who doesn’t like money? “Merry Christmas,” she said, while passing out envelopes with cash inside. The guy who volunteered to ring the bell near Carol’s office was there. He was shocked to see Carol at the shelter. He couldn’t believe that she was there, and she was giving out money. She even gave him an envelope of cash. During the afternoon, Xavier came by bearing gifts and ready to serve. He was thrilled to see Carol inside. “Carol?” he said in disbelief. “Wait a minute. I must be dreaming,” he said. “Somebody pinch me.” Just then, Miss thing walked up and pinched Xavier. “Ouch,” he said. “Well at least you’re not dreaming,” she said. Xavier introduced the ladies. “So, you’re the lucky lady,” the woman said. Carol looked up at Xavier and smiled, “I am,” Carol said. Xavier smiled down at Carol and pulled her close. “Actually, I’m a very lucky man,” he said before giving Carol a peck on the lips. “Well, alrighty then,” the woman said as she walked off. “Zay,” Carol said. “I’m so sorry.” “Shhh,” Xavier said putting a finger over Carol’s lips. “Forget about it. All that matters to me is that you’re right here, right now,” he said. “I love you,” Carol said. “Wait, what,” Xavier said jokingly. “Did you say the ‘L’ word.” “I did,” Carol said. “And I meant it. You’re an amazing man Xavier and I admire, respect and love the heck out of you,” she grabbed his shirt and pulled him close to her and they began to kiss. “Whew Chile, It’s getting hot in herre,” one of the guests at the shelter said (in her Nelly voice). The manager at the shelter insisted that Xavier and Carol go home and spend Christmas together. “Honestly, you’ve done more than enough,” she said. “We’ve got this. Besides, if the two of you keep going at it like this, I’m gonna get pregnant,” she said jokingly. “Go ahead love birds. Get out of here.” As they walked out of the building, Carol said. “I want you to come with me somewhere.” “Anywhere,” Xavier said. They got into Carol’s car and headed up I-75. Two hours later they arrived at Carol’s parents home in Blue Ridge, Ga. Carol’s parents were overjoyed. “You came home,” her mother cried tears of joy. “Welcome home, my daughter. We’ve missed you,” her father said. Carol introduced Xavier to her parents. “You too came just in time. Dinner is almost ready.” After dinner Carol opened a couple gifts from her parents and she exchanged gifts with Xavier as well. They all listened to Christmas songs, danced and caught up. Carol’s parents even showed Xavier their photo album with all Carol’s childhood photos. Being home was bittersweet for Carol, but mostly sweet. Her dad turned off the stereo and brought out the Karaoke machine. He asked Carol to perform her Rudolph routine from third grade. He and Carol’s mom cheered her on. She was a little hesitant at first, but she did it. Of course, she added more sass, than she had in third grade, and she took a few opportunities to throw some flirtatious moves Xavier’s way. Everyone gave her a round of applause when she finished. “Wow, I had no idea you could sing like that,” Xavier said. “What can’t you do?” he asked her. “I can’t imagine my life without you,” she said. “I’m so incredibly blessed that God sent you my way, she said as she cuddled into Xavier’s arms. Carol’s parents sing a few songs on the Karaoke, as Carol and Xavier watched and cheered them on. “I love you,” Xavier said. Carol grabbed his hand and kissed it, “I love you more,” she said. “Okay, enough Karaoke,” Carol dad said. He turned back on the stereo system and just then, Donny Hathaway, “This Christmas” came on. “That’s my jam,” Carol’s mom said. “Oh, turn that up please,” Xavier said. He and Carol got up and started dancing again. Carol’s dad turned up the radio and he and Carol’s mom danced. They all began to sing. “Fireside blazing bright

We’re CAROL LING” (they all said, pointing to Carol, and she smiled and laughed) “Through the night

And this Christmas will be

A very special Christmas for me.”

The End. Merry Christmas! 🎁🎄🙌🏾❄️

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