A Christmas Carol-Remix (Pt.2)

Now, if you missed part one, I suggest you go read it and then come back to part two. Otherwise, you’re going to be confused about some things. As I stated in part one, there will be several parts to this story, so keep up. 😁Anyway, if you’re ready, here’s part two of “A Christmas Carol-Remix”. Enjoy.

After work, Carol headed home, but she got there later than usual, because Atlanta’s traffic was even worse than normal. Last minute Christmas shoppers and the wintry mix, did not mix, especially since the wintry mix had turned into heavy snow. The first thing Carol did when she got home, was put her cell phone on the charger. “Dang it. I know I’ve missed some important phone calls. How could I forget my charger at the office? Oh yeah, I had to rush out of the building before that little man from the Salvation Army came over dinging his bell and asking for donations.” Carol played her voice messages from her house phone, slipped off her high heels and poured herself a glass of wine. She sipped as she listened. “Hi Carol, it’s mom,” her mom said, “And dad,” her father said. “We just called to wish you a Merry Christmas,” they said in unison. “We miss you and wish you could come home for Christmas, but we know you’re a busy woman. We’re proud of you and love you,” her mom said. “Love you Carol. Call us back dear. We’d love to have you home for Christmas,” her dad said. “Bye,” they both said, then they made kissing noises before hanging up the phone. The next voicemail was Carol’s boyfriend Xavier. He’s a real estate mogul and community leader. He’d called to see if Carol wanted to come out and help him and other volunteers, pass out coats and winter accessories to the homeless, shelters and nearby communities. It wasn’t the first time Xavier had invited Carol to come out and assist with volunteering, but she always made an excuse not to. Carol skipped through the other voicemails, in hopes that a big time investor had returned her phone call. He had shown interest in her accounting firm, which was quickly expanding throughout Georgia and surrounding states, and she was hoping to get him on board and at the meeting in January. He hadn’t called. Her cell phone was now charged enough to power back on, so she checked those messages. Nothing. She decided to cook dinner, eat and go to bed. Despite the weatherman’s advisory to avoid the roads on Christmas morning, she planned on going to work anyway. That night when she went to sleep, she was awakened by her former boss Jennifer, who taught her everything about running a successful accounting business. “Ca-rol. Ca-rol,” Jennifer said in a ghostly tone. Carol immediately sat up in bed, frightened by the sound. “Who’s there?” Carol had the chills because it was so cold in the house. “Ca-rol,” Jennifer said again. Carol quickly turned her head towards the window where she saw Jennifer. “Jennifer, is that you?” Carol hopped out of bed and rushed to the window where Jennifer had one leg inside the window and one leg outside. “Ca-rol. Help, my leg is stuck.” Carol looked out of her window where Jennifer’s right leg was stuck in a ladder. “Jennifer, how on earth. Why on earth. “Never mind,” she said as she helped Jennifer inside. She closed the window. Shivering from the cold, she put on her robe. Jennifer sat in a chair, almost out of breath. “Jennifer, why are you at my house? And why did you climb a ladder and come through my bedroom window?” “Well, I was knocking on the door for five minutes, and it’s too cold, so I climbed the ladder you had in your yard, up to your window. It was unlocked so I just came in. Well, I tried to come in,” Jennifer said breathing hard. “Whew, I’m out of breath.” “Jennifer, I thought you died years ago.” “What, died?” “No, I moved to Mexico and got married, but we’re on a business/holiday vacation right now.” Carol laughed, “You? Married? I thought you were the one who told me that money was all a person really needs in life. You told me that love will cause you to lose money, and to avoid it at all cost,” Carol said. “Yeah, I know, I was wrong, but listen, I came here to warn you to lose that mindset. I admit I was wrong for telling you those things and I’m sorry. I don’t want you to live a miserable life with nothing but your money. Life is about love and without it, a person slowly dies inside, before dying alone. I don’t want that for you, so I’m warning you to change your ways before you lose the people who love you and it’s too late.” “Who, Xavier? Pssh, honey he’s not going anywhere,” Carol said, laughing a little. “Look Jennifer, I appreciate you coming by, but you were right. Money is all I need in life, and the reason Xavier and I are together is because I’m not trying to fall in love, get married and start a family. My business is my family. Now,” she said escorting Jennifer downstairs and out the front door. If you’ll excuse me. I have work in the morning. I need my beauty sleep. Thanks for dropping by, bye.” “But wait, Jennifer said while grabbing the door to keep Carol from closing it in her face. You will have three more visitors tonight and it’s very important that you  pay attention to what they show you, because you will have to make a very important decision that could alter the course of your life, for better or worse.” “Wait, waaait a minute,” Carol said opening the door all the way. If I know anything about you Jennifer, you always have something up your sleeve. You’re going to send a few investors my way, aren’t you? But wait, they’re coming tonight? To my house? But it’s late. It’s eleven o’clock Christmas Eve. Never mind that, tell them come on. I can throw on some clothes real quick and we can meet.” “No, no, no, Carol. You’ve misunderstood me. There aren’t any investors coming.” “Yeah, right. Thanks so much Jennifer. I owe you one. Gotta go get ready. See ya,” Carol said slamming the door in Jennifer’s face. “Lord, she’s going to need your help,” Jennifer said looking up to the sky. She shook her head and walked off. Fifteen minutes later, Carol’s door bell ring. She had already put on a pant suit and was ready to meet the investors. She put on a smile before opening the door. It was a kid. “I don’t have any donations kid. It’s eleven thirty at night. Shouldn’t you be home in bed. You don’t want Santa to fly past your house because he didn’t see a kid there, now do you? I suggest you run along and get in bed before you find coal in your stocking.” The kid grabbed her hand. “Look lady, we don’t have much time. Let’s gooo,” the kid said while grabbing Carol’s hand as they flew into the air. Carol screamed, “let me go Peter Pan!” My name’s not Peter Pan. Peter’s my uncle’s brother cousin, twice removed. My name, well, just call me the ghost of Christmas past,” the boy said before they landed at Carol’s parents house.

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