A Christmas Carol- remix (Pt.1): By Shubricca L Bell

This is not your traditional Christmas Carol story. This Christmas Carol is remixed, by none other than yours truly. Although, I put my own spin on it. I think you’ll enjoy it and even more so, receive the message in it. This is only part one, so be on the look out for every part that follows. Tis the season, so I thought I’d spread a little Christmas cheer your way, by doing something that I absolutely love to do, and that’s writing of course! So, without further ado, I present to you, “A Christmas Carol-remix”.

It was Christmas Eve, in Atlanta, Ga. Outside there was a messy wintry mix, and inside of 702 Oxford Lane, there was a neatly attired yet hot tempered Carol Ling. Yes, Carol Ling is her full name, no pun intended. The name was given to her by her African American mom and Chinese American dad. Kids teased her all her life about the name, and on top of that, as a child, her parents would make her go caroling with them and their church every holiday season. Carol Ling hated caroling and she hated Christmas, but we’ll get to why, later on. So, during Carol’s adult life, she pretty much worked through Christmas, and it was a requirement that all employees work Christmas Day. So, there was a hurricane of rage that swept the office when Romona, Carol’s executive assistant requested Christmas Day off. Romona was newly engaged and wanted to spend Christmas with her fiancé. Let me tell you a little bit more about Carol Ling’s personality. Depending on the situation, she could go from passive aggressive to bat ish crazy in 0.2 seconds, and let me just say, there’s always a situation. “Why can’t I take off Christmas?” Romona asked. “I promise to come in extra early the following day.” “Absolutely not,” Carol said. “But why not? We don’t meet with potential investors until a month from now, and we’re pretty solid on our presentation. It’s the holidays. Can’t we take a day to enjoy what matters most in life?” “And what exactly do you think matters most in life, Romona?” Carol said with a smirk.

“Love,” Romona said. “And spending precious moments together with family and loved ones.” Carol laughed, “Oh Romona, how touching. You’re absolutely right, you should take Christmas off.” “Really!” Romona yelled with excitement. “Sure,” Carol said with an emotionless expression on her face, before proceeding to say, “I’ll see you the day after Christmas when you come to pick up your pink slip.” “My pink slip? Are you threatening to fire me?” Romona asked. “Oh, it’s not a threat, it’s in your contract,” Carol said before slamming Romona’s contract on the desk and pointing to the highlighted area which stated, “Due to business needs, it is a requirement that every employee work Christmas Day. If not, the employee would be in violation of their contract due to job abandonment and therefore terminated immediately.” “Carol, please have mercy,” Romona said. “Oh, but I am Romona,” Carol said with a wink. I’m having mercy on you for asking for Christmas off, when clearly, you didn’t mean it. Now, off you go,” Carol fanned Romona away like a fly. Don’t forget to close the door behind you. I’ll see you tomorrow on Christmas.” Romona left the office with her head down. A couple interns with their festive holiday gear on, walked by and stuck their heads in Carol’s office door. “Merry Christmas, Carol.” “Get back to work,” Carol yelled, as the two scurried back to their cubicles.

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