Show and tell.

The best thing you can do for some folks is to show them better than you can tell them. Be about what you talk about or no one will ever take you serious. Don’t keep telling someone over and over again to treat you right. You shouldn’t work overtime trying to prove to someone how great you are. Love and respect yourself first and foremost, even if that means you have to be alone for a while. Don’t allow anyone to devalue you. Know your worth. If they can’t see your worth, then they aren’t worth your time. So, stop wasting time in meaningless friendships or relationships that aren’t genuine. In your heart you know if someone is truly for you or not. Don’t try to force things when you know it’s not for you. Don’t spend your time, energy, your love or even your money on someone who only takes advantage of it. Invest in someone who wants to build with you, not take away from you. Meaningful relationships won’t take away your smile, won’t misuse your love, or use your weaknesses to their advantage. Loneliness may hurt sometimes, but being with the wrong one, or trying to force something that’s just not meant to be, hurts even worse. Don’t continue to pour into people who would leave you high and dry. If they refuse to put in the same consistent efforts that you put in, in order to make the relationship work, then let them go. Team work makes the dream work, so if they’re not a part of your team and they’re not in it to win it, then let them take that L, because it’s their loss. You move on and forward while you’re ahead, and the most you’ve lost is time, because the longer you stay and put up with somebody’s crap, the longer they’ll continue to dish it out. You don’t want to spend years giving while they’re only taking, and when you’re finally tired, you’re not even yourself because they’ve taken the best of you. Get over whatever fear or insecurities you may have, that’s keeping you from letting go of toxic, or dead end relationships. Free yourself. Talk is cheap. So, don’t keep giving ultimatums for them to ignore, and don’t keep threatening to leave if you’re going to continue to stay. If you want to show someone that you mean business, then there’s no better way than showing them better than telling them. ✌🏾 

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