The Holy Spirit: So fulfilling.

Instead of chasing the wrong things and people in life, pursue your destiny in Christ. Walk purposefully. I’ve found that many people waste time chasing the wrong things in life, because they aren’t aware of their purpose in life, or because they haven’t allowed God to fill that void in their lives that only He can fill. We need God to continuously fill us with His Spirit because life happens, and we’re imperfect! We get distracted and if not careful, we begin to try to fill the void where the Holy Spirit should reside, with the things and people of this world. If you put your happiness or emotional well being in the hands of other people or things, then you’re also giving them the power to take that happiness and away. There’s nothing wrong with desiring healthy relationships or having nice things, and enjoying all this life has to offer, but don’t depend on this world to satisfy you, because nothing satisfies like the Spirit of God. It’s a fullness of peace and complete joy, whether you are rich or poor, or whether you have many friends or one friend or whether you are single or married, well or sick. No matter where you are in life, He gives a peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7) that reminds you, even in the midst of a storm, everything’s going to be okay. His Spirit is fulfilling and amongst the peace and joy it brings, it also gives you assurance, wisdom and power, plus so many more benefits. It heals even the most harshest wounds of your heart with only the love that God can give. When you have the Holy Spirit it’s evident in the way you think, speak, walk and live. You only want to pursue the things of God. You want the gifts you have to glorify Him. You want to share the love He has shown to you with others and give them hope. There’s truly no other feeling like it. What can I say, it’s fulfilling, and if life has gotten in your way, and you fill like you’re running low, don’t freight! His Spirit is still powerful and effective. It’s not that it has gotten low, but more than likely it’s been replaced with something else, ie: people or things, but don’t worry! You can get your Holy Spirit groove back! Listen, falling happens to the best of us. We get side tracked, tempted and go through all kinds of things that sometimes temporarily gets our focus! Just refocus. Ask God to fill you with His Spirit as much as you need to, and He will give it to you! I’m praying for you. In Jesus name. ❤️

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