Remain calm and listen before responding.

The best thing to do when someone is emotional, is to listen to what they are saying, because they’re trying to communicate how they feel, and acting out emotionally, is a cry for you to listen! Don’t judge them. Don’t tell them that they’re wrong for feeling some type of way. Don’t tell them that they’re crazy. Listen, to understand and not to respond, because for one, how they’re feeling is personal. It’s not even about you, it’s really about how they feel about themselves and allowing them to vent gives them a chance to blow steam off so that they can cool down. I’m not saying, allow people to mentally abuse you because they’re going through something… No! I’m saying, before you respond in anger, try to understand where the person’s coming from by listening! Don’t just listen to their voice, listen to their energy. What are they vibes telling you? Are they telling you that they don’t value you, or are they telling you that that they do value you that’s why they’re crying out for help or coming to you in the first place and trying the best they know how to communicate. Let’s be real folks… none of us are perfect. We can all use improvement in certain area of our lives. Some people’s area is communication! We come from different walks of life. Not everyone was taught to put their emotions aside before speaking… most of the time life teaches us that, after we’ve dealt with the consequences of speaking out of our emotions. For those of us that are more mature mentally and emotionally, it’s up to us to be patient with others when they’re in their feelings. You may want to snap back, but it won’t solve anything. Let them say what they need to say, and when they’re finished, calmly state your opinion (if asked), or if necessary, explain your side of the story in a way that brings you both understanding and less confusion. Being the calm within the storm will help the person who’s emotionally frustrated, find peace and clarity. It will also help the person recognize the truth behind their emotions, and once they recognize why they feel how they feel, they can find ways to deal with the root of their problem and heal. It’s not always about what someone said or did. Sometimes what someone says or does, triggers emotions from a person’s past. So, if they’re emotional… remain calm, and listen.

Proverbs 15:1

“A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

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