Be cool with not having the last word.

For some, having the last word is equivalent to them scoring the touch down that wins the Super Bowl or a TKO that lands them heavyweight champion of the world. I’m serious. These type of people like to argue, but to them, the most important thing is to win. They feel like they’ve won a marathon. Never mind listening to understand, they just love to respond. It makes them feel accomplished, even if the conversation ends with no resolve. That’s not a healthy way to communicate, and if you come across someone who has a comeback for everything, but they never make a point… then it’s best that you excuse yourself from the headache. I mean seriously. You start the conversation with an intention to understand, but they confuse you even further.

You : It’s hot outside.

Them : And another thing, you can’t cook! The dog even hates your cooking…

🧐🤨😑 Can someone please tell me what does their response has to do with the weather? Where did their response even come from? Were you even talking to them? You could’ve been talking to yourself! Lol 

I guess it’s all about how these type of people receive what you’re saying. You could be genuine and respectful in your tone, but I guess when you need to have the last word, you stay in your feelings. Sometimes, they’ll say things to shut you up, and you shouldn’t be mad, because the more you entertain foolishness, the more foolish you become. When you know what you’re talking about, there’s no need to make a fool of yourself by trying to make a point to someone who’s not trying to understand you. All they want to do is be heard, even if what they’re saying doesn’t even make sense to them, as long as they can get the final word, then it’s all good to them. Be cool with letting them have that little bit. Your peace of mind will thank you for it.

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