Real love inspires real change.

Real love changes you, without ever forcing you to change, because we all know forced changed isn’t a lasting change. Real love brings out the best in people. It challenges the way a person thinks, it inspires and it helps individuals grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in many other ways without ever forcing the individual to be different. Real love is loving someone for who they are, not your idea of who they could become, or who you think they should be, because truth is… your idea of who that person will become or the potential you think you see, is no guarantee. People are who they are, right here, right now, today! Real love tends to make people better though! You cannot experience real love and stay one hundred percent the same. It changes you for the better! This doesn’t mean that you should ever begin a relationship with the intent of making someone better, because that’s a recipe for disaster! You may as well end the relationship while you’re ahead if you think like that, because you can love someone with all your heart (after God of course), and they’ll still be a crappy individual. 🤷🏾‍♀️It’s up to you to stay and love the crap out of them anyway, or leave them alone, and love them from a distance. They may care about you deeply, or even love you, but a change won’t come about until they want to be better for themselves. You may be great, but they can’t be a great spouse, friend, or whatever to you, because they have to work on some inner issues first. That’s why it’s best to work on yourself before committing to a relationship in the first place. You may think you can love someone into the potential you see, but you can’t. Only God can bring about a real, lasting change in people. Your love can inspire the change, but only God can bring about a real transformation, by helping them heal from past wounds or their own way of thinking. Learn to love people for who they are with no intentions of changing them… EVER! You’ll have so much more peace, when you stop worrying about a person’s life and put it in God’s hands; especially when you worry more about their life than they do their own! I know it can be hard, but real love, loves people through their mess. You may not always understand them, but love them anyway. You don’t have to condone certain things or agree with everything, but compassion is still necessary. God can use you to be a light or beacon of hope to that individual. The hard truth is, your love for them may never bring about the change you’d like to see, but if the love between the two of you is mutual, they will be changed for the better in some way… and so will you!

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