Your life isn’t ruined.

Quit saying that someone ruined your life. You shouldn’t be giving another human being that much power over your life! Yes, you may have had a bad experience, but that should have taught you a lesson, it should not be something you pay for the rest of your life. Jesus paid it all! You don’t have to live in resentment, fear and anger! You don’t have to live in bitterness, depression or anxiety. Take back charge of your life, in Jesus name! Yes, those bad decisions may have slowed you down, but they didn’t stop anything! God is more than able to use your story for His glory! Just because things didn’t go according to your plan, doesn’t mean your life is over! The word of God says we make our plans but it is God who determines our steps! This means our steps are ordered by God! We may have made the wrong turn, but God’s navigation system will get us back on track. His navigation system is the Holy Spirit! Nothing is too hard for God. So stop believing that lie from hell that your life is ruined just because you made a mistake or linked up with the wrong person or didn’t do everything right! It’s not over until God calls you home! You still have breath in your body so that means you still have an opportunity to get it right. It’s not too late as a matter of fact you’re right on schedule, because God is always on time, and nothing he does can fail! So come out of that depressed spirit of your life is ruined. There’s grace for you and favor follows you everywhere you go! In Jesus name, amen.

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  1. Pete says:

    Easier said than done. Much is said about this by many BUT they don’t walk in others’ boots, in other cultures, in other countries with different discrimination laws.

    The wisecracks are welcome to visit and set right the damage that happens to the lives of others. So many Christian missionaries will agree. Some had to wait a lifetime for damage to be undone, or new opportunities to arise.

    Too many people have power over others and make decisions that aren’t God’s design. It leads to ruined callings, broken families, lifetimes of heartache without the prospects of new careers.

    People don’t always have choices. It is that simple.


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