The lesson is necessary: A short story.

Stephanie Jones was looking forward to retirement. She had worked thirty years at a marketing firm in which she’d spent the last decade as senior marketing executive, a long ways from her humble beginnings at the same firm as a receptionist. Stephanie had spent the last five years of her life as a widow, raising her three children. The two oldest were attending college, and her last child would soon be graduating high school. Everything seemed to be falling in order, according to her plans. She would retire the same year her senior would graduate high school and begin college, and then she would travel, enjoy life and maybe get back on the dating scene, but then her plans suddenly changed. Her daughter got pregnant in high school, and it changed everything. She felt devastated. She didn’t want to raise another child, it was time for her to start back enjoying her life, but she couldn’t abandon her daughter either. So, instead of retiring, she continued to work to support her daughter and now her grandson. During her daughter’s pregnancy, Stephanie went through a deep depression, and always questioned God as to why this had to happen to her? She had plans for her life… but God had other plans. Stephanie didn’t understand God’s plans, but she trusted God, and believed that even during this trying time, all things were working for her good. Oftentimes Stephanie would get caught up in her feelings, but God would remind her not to think of herself, but to think of what her daughter may be going through. Getting pregnant out of wedlock and becoming a single mom was a consequence for her daughter’s sin, but it could have been worse. Although Stephanie battled her own demons during her daughter’s pregnancy, she helped her daughter overcome her demons, depression and she was there for her child every step of the way. Her daughter not only graduated high school on time, but she delivered a healthy baby boy, thanks to God and Stephanie’s support. All the mixed emotions Stephanie previously had vanished when she met her grandson at birth. Seeing him was better than seeing all the wonders of the world, and she praised God. Shortly after her grandson was born, Stephanie was offered the CEO position at the marketing firm, she worked. Stephanie couldn’t believe it. Never in a million years would she have imagined ever being in that position, she was just up for retirement a year ago, but because of unforeseen circumstances, she decided to stay. God worked it out for her good. He taught her that a little patience, compassion and complete trust in Him, would take her a long way. Now Stephanie gets to travel the world at her jobs expense. Not only does she travel the world, but she has been dating. Everything she wanted is falling into place, just not the way she thought it would. Stephanie not only lives by, but can testify to Proverbs 16:3 (CEV), “Share your plans with the LORD, and you will succeed.” God knows our heart, and He wants to give us our hearts desire, but sometimes if we’re not careful, we’ll think that our life is only about our desires, when God wants to use those desires to bring about His perfect plan. Our life is not our own. This is why it’s important to make room for God’s will. Share your plans with Him, and those plans will succeed, because nothing God does can fail. Our plans may not happen in our timing or how we planned, but they will come to past and God will exceed our expectations if we trust Him. Sometimes we need the lesson more than we need the blessing, and once we’ve passed the test, then we can enjoy the benefits of our faith and God’s grace. If you’re going through anything that you don’t understand, ask God for wisdom. His Word says, He’ll give it to you without finding fault in you. Don’t ask God why something is happening to you. Ask Him what is He trying to teach you during this season. All too often we want the blessing, but the lesson is what we really need, so that we’re stronger, wiser and capable of managing what God has for us. ❤️

Psalm 37:4

”Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

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