Pain makes you selfish.

When a person is hurting, all they can think about is how they feel at the moment. Think about it, if you fall and hurt yourself (God forbids), you’re not going to call your loved one to see if they’re okay from your fall! You’re going to make sure that you’re straight. You’re going to make sure that you’re getting better. The same thing happens when we’ve been hurt emotionally. We make sure that we’re straight, but oftentimes instead of dealing with the root of the problem, we pacify it, or unfortunately, use other people as a bandaid or Tylenol to temporarily suppress our real issues. When we’re emotionally hurt, we’re not checking to see if someone else is okay, we only care about what we’re feeling and that’s what healing is so important. If we don’t take time to heal from the pain of our past, we’ll find ourselves dumping our insecurities, hurt and frustrations onto other people.  Subconsciously, we’ll blame them for how we feel about ourselves or we’ll use them as a pacify to soothe our inner issues not taking into account how they feel. Hurting others will not make your hurt any less painful. As a matter of fact, it’s like rubbing salt in your wounds, because in the end, you come out losing for being dishonest, deceitful and selfish. Take time to heal, the last thing you want is for the pain of your past to spill over into your present and get in the way of future blessings! Don’t mess it up for yourself. If you need a break from the dating scene, then take a break and do some self evaluating, and self care. Your emotional well being is everything! Even if you’re dealing with something else that has nothing to do with relationships. Take time to get your heart right, that’s the only way you’re going to truly move forward, whether it’s on your job, in a relationship or life in general. Don’t become your pain. Again, take the necessary time you need to heal, so that you can live healthy and peacefully, emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. Take care of your heart so that you’ll know how to take care of others.

For more insight, read my book, “One For The Reason Of Love,” by clicking the link below.

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