Be yourself.

One of the things I’ve learned in life is to be yourself. All too often we go through things and become a victim of our environment or circumstances. We love and get our hearts broken, then we become a savage. Someone treats us badly at church and we give up on going to any church. We work our behinds off on a job and get no acknowledgment, and instead of getting a promotion, the person who puts in the least amount effort or work gets it. When this happens, we think, what’s the point? Our perception of other people becomes jaded and we don’t put one hundred percent of ourselves into the relationship, job, church or community as we did before. Instead of being ourselves, we say, “I’m going to be like them. This way I won’t get my heart broken, or I’ll get the promotion, or all the people at church will like me, or I’ll get tens of thousands of social media followers. Listen, don’t be like them, be like you. God knew what He was doing when He made you, so be yourself and let Him amplify you! You don’t want to be like other people because you don’t know their full story. You don’t know what they had to sacrifice. You don’t know what they loss. You don’t know their struggle. You don’t know any of what they’ve been through that caused them to become who they are. However, you do know your life experiences and those things are meant to bring out the God in you, not the you in you, and definitely not the “them” in you. So be yourself. Keep being honest. Keep being kind, loving and generous. Learn from your mistakes, don’t become a victim of “them” whoever they may be…

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