Stop waiting for nothing to happen ‼️ 🛑📱

Listen Linda, listen! People always have their phones with them! 🤷🏾‍♀️It’s the age of Information. One click can get us whatever we need. You can even talk to your phone and it will send messages, look up information, open apps or call someone if you need it to. So don’t you dare allow someone to tell you that they were too busy to send you a text or to give you a call. People literally take their phones every freaking where. Everywhere you go people’s heads are in their phones. So if someone says, “My phone was dead,” or “I didn’t have any reception,” or whatever lame excuse they come up with for not responding to you, don’t believe it. People take their phone chargers everywhere they go too, and if a person isn’t getting reception, please believe they’re not staying in that location too long. Listen, if a person isn’t making consistent effort to respond to your text or calls, or if they’re not putting in the effort to reach out to you, without you always having to hit them up first, then that person isn’t for you. It’s not that much working in the world, and a person’s never too busy to make time to let someone that they care about know that they are missed, loved, appreciated or on their mind. Don’t waste your time waiting by the phone for someone to respond to your text or call. Pay attention to the inconsistencies. If you notice that they’ll only talk to you on certain days or at certain times, that’s a red flag! “I was working,” is not an excuse. By the way, work is one of the most commonly used lies people use as an excuse for their trifling behavior. People also use their family as a crutch for their lies. They’ll make up random excuses or the most hilarious lies about how they family needed them, thinking you’ll sympathize with them or be understanding if they neglected you due to family issues… Ahhhh nuh! What you allow now, will continue later! Listen folks, communication is key to any type of relationship. A person who’s serious about you will keep you in the loop. There won’t be any room for assumptions because they’re keeping it one hundred up front. There are unforeseen issues that a person could encounter that could disrupt their plans and it could even cause them to forget to return a call or whatever, but this shouldn’t be the norm. Things like that should rarely happen. The bottom line is if they’re serious about you, they’ll keep the line of communication open. Whether it be via text or call, those things are the least that someone should make time to do, especially if they spend little or no time with you. Nine times out of ten if they can’t make time for you, they’re making time for someone else. 🤷🏾‍♀️ It’s not your job to figure them out. You’re not a psychic… They either open up to you or they don’t. Trying to communicate with someone should not be like pulling teeth. If it’s hard and painful to get a word out of them or for them to make time for you now, then what do you have to look forward to later? Nothing…. So stop wasting your energy and investing your time in something that’s just not meant to happen. Aren’t you tired of waiting, only to be disappointed? Stop waiting for nothing to happen and get to moving forward with your life! You deserve better. This not only applies to relationships but it can very well be applied to your entire life. You can’t just spend your life waiting, you must be proactive about anything you want in life; whether it’s love, your dreams, career, family or whatever. The longer you wait for nothing, the more of nothing will come.

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