In order to go in faith, you must GO.

You know what… I was going to do a video but I decided not to because it’s HOT outside! Anyway, something has been on my heart for some time and I think it’s time to let it out! Besides, it’s not good to keep things bottled up internally, because once all the crap piles up on the inside, when it finally comes out it’s going be a stinking disaster!

So what’s been on my heart? Faith. Faith and how we as the body of Christ need to learn what faith really is. For one thing, Faith is something you can’t cheat. If you’re going to be in it, then you gotta go all the way… come what may! I respect people who make things happen instead of complaining about what’s not going right in their lives. These people take initiative and get things done, they go in faith! Sad to say, but many unbelievers get things done or make great accomplishments in life because they believed and put their faith into action. Meanwhile, many of us as believers are sulking in misery over our disappointments, failures, disadvantages, or insufficiencies… as if we are Godless. I hate that. I hate when a child of God goes around worrying about the things of this world, as if God has not taken care of them all of their lives. Nothing is too hard for God, but you know what the problem is? Oftentimes your faith is dead… How did your faith die? From being still… You see, faith is something you have to work. Our relationship with God is a partnership. Show Him that you believe He’s going to make it happen by doing what you can. The first thing you should do is stop declaring lack and negativity over your life. Saved people do this all the time by saying, “I ain’t got (southern for, ‘I don’t have’).” What do you mean, “you ain’t got?” The Word of God says in Psalm 23:1, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Stop going around saying, what you don’t have or you’ll never have anything. You will stay in lack. Broke and insufficient funds will continue to find you because for one, that’s all you’re declaring. Transform your mind and start declaring God’s Word over your life, and get out of your feelings or your feelings will keep you broke, busted, disgusted and ungrateful… real talk. So the first thing to do is to watch what you’re decreeing over your life. The second thing to do is to make the necessary sacrifices you need to make to get to where you need to be. I mean seriously. We don’t need everything we want, and if we desire a better life, we need to start making better decisions about some things. Some things we can do without, heck, some people even, especially when they’re more of a hindrance than a blessing. You can’t put everything on God when you’re not holding yourself accountable for your own actions. God will do for you, but you also gotta do for yourself. There’s a saying, “God helps those who helps themselves.” Real faith isn’t sitting on your behind and waiting on God. Read your Bible. Anytime anybody in the Bible went in faith they WENT! Go in faith means to GO! Again, if your faith isn’t moving it’s dead. So start moving your faith by decreeing and declaring God’s Word over your life, and then start making those sacrifices to get to the level you want to be at in life. You’re going to have to tell yourself no sometimes. You’re going to have to tell some people no sometimes. 😕You’re going to have to learn to make sacrifices. It may hurt now, but you’ll be thankful that you did it later. Go to God and tell Him what you’re believing Him for, then go after that thing, come hell or high water and get it. It’s already within our reach, we just need to take hold of it by not backing out of our faith! When it comes to faith, you gotta be all in it, to win it! Don’t cheat your faith by inviting fear, doubt, and anxiety in. Work your faith by believing God, declaring His Word over your life, doing what you can do on your part, and being at peace with God doing the rest.

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