The old woman and the young lady: A short story.

When you are a child of God, His Spirit lives inside of you, and His Spirit is going to make you more like Him, one way or another.

If you think that God doesn’t have a sense of humor, then where do you think we get it from? He created us in His image! Let me tell you a story.

There was an old widow who lived alone. She had no children, her family lived in another state, and the only close family that she had was her church family. Although she visited church every Wednesday for Bible Study, and every Sunday for service, after church, she’d rush out the doors to her car, because she didn’t want to talk to anyone. She just wasn’t a people’s person. She loved people, but she was never one of those people who could strike up a interesting conversation with a total stranger, or anyone for that matter. Not only that, but she got annoyed easily. There was a woman with an infant who would sit by her every Sunday, and when the Bishop would get up to preach, the baby would cry and make all kinds of ruckus, frustrating the old lady even more. One day, the old lady decided to come to church five minutes late, hoping the rows would fill up and she’d be seated far away from the young woman with the baby. When she came in that Sunday, all of the seats were filled, and an usher told her that she had to go to the overflow room. The old lady was disappointed. “That’s what I get,” she said to herself. “Oh well, on the bright side I don’t have to worry about sitting by that hollering baby. Lord forgive me, but it’s the truth Jesus. I don’t know what’s wrong with that baby, it’s like a little demon baby. Sorry Lord, I was wrong for that.” As she was thinking all these things, she went back out the doors and the young lady with the baby was coming out of the restroom into the sanctuary. “Really Jesus?” the old lady thought. The young lady saw her and said, “Hello, I saved your seat. I was wondering where you were. Good thing I caught you. I had to change the baby real quick, but I made sure to save you a seat up front. Is everything okay?” The young lady smiled as she held the baby in one arm and used her free hand to grab the old lady’s hand, leading her back to the seat she’d saved just for her. “I’m Carol, by the way. Nice to meet you,” the young woman said. The old woman chuckled and said in a low tone, “God has a sense of humor.” “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. What was that?” the young lady asked. “Oh, nothing,” the old lady said with a smile. “Everything is fine, and my name is Martha. Nice to meet you as well.” They went to their seats and shortly after, the Bishop went to preach and the baby went crazy. It was like the Bishop pressed a button that aggravated the infant, each time he went to preach. On this day, something different happened though. The old lady said to the young woman. “Do you mind if I hold him?” The young lady smiled and said, “Sure.” The old lady put the infant on her shoulder and gave him three firm, yet gentle pats on the back, and the baby made a long burp noise and went to sleep. The old lady whispered, “He was just gassy, that’s all.” The old lady had learned that trick from when her mom would burp her siblings, ages ago. She gave the baby back to his mom and they enjoyed the rest of the church service. After church, the young lady invited the old woman over for dinner. Come to find out, the young lady was also a widow and had lost her husband during a deployment overseas. The young woman and the old lady became good friends and now consider themselves family. They both learned a lot from each other. The old woman learned the value of kindness and fellowship. The young woman learned how to cope with being a widow and she also learned that she didn’t have to go through that season of her life alone. They both learned that you have more in common with people than you think, and that God puts us here to love and help each other get through life. God is intentional in everything He does and He strategically placed those women there to help each other grow. The old woman never had any intentions of ever saying anything to the young woman, with her fussy baby, but God had other plans. He knows how to get us to where we need to be. Proverbs 16:9 says, “We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” The old lady had her plan set that day, but God determined her steps, and redirected her back to that seat, beside that young lady with the noisy baby, but guess what? The old lady haven’t been the same ever since… and that’s a good thing! My question to you is? What’s that “noisy baby” in your life? Maybe it’s a co worker, a child, a customer… God is saying, put your feelings aside and be kind to that person. You never know what kinds of battles those people are fighting. Don’t rush through life all caught up in yourself. Take time to love, be kind and help someone else. ❤️

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