A leap of faith!

Faith is something that doesn’t always make sense, however it always works! The reason it doesn’t always make sense is because God doesn’t think like us. We think with human logic, but God is omniscience. So when the Holy Spirit moves on us to act in a way that goes against human logic, we take that leap of faith and trust God! 2 Corinthians 5:7, “For we live by faith, not by sight.”

Today I was driving my daughter home from school, and a person that was driving the car two cars ahead of me began to swerve. Everyone else in traffic were steady, but I began to look down at the street to see what the person was trying to avoid. It was a turtle. You could tell it was trying to run across the street, but it was still going slow. After admiring how cute it was, my daughter said, “That turtle took a leap of faith crossing the street.”

I agreed! It’s a pretty busy street, but evidently that turtle was on a mission and no matter how many cars were coming at it, it kept going! It didn’t matter that it may have looked crazy to everyone, by it being so slow and small, but still determined to cross that busy street, which I’m sure looks a lot bigger to the turtle than it does to us! When my daughter said, “That turtle took a leap of faith,” she was on to something! That turtle was fearless, and you could tell that it valued its life, because it was trying to scurry across the street.

We can learn from this turtle! I believe the lesson here is, not to allow what you see as a disadvantage, or even your shortcomings, to stop you! So what you’re not the fastest! You may have been working on a dream for years, and barely see the results you want. I encourage you to keep going like the turtle… eventually you will make it!

Remember slow and steady wins the race! God can use what you view as a disadvantage, to your advantage! Don’t allow the fear of what could go wrong, to stop you from going to get your blessing! Don’t sit on the sidelines, waiting until the right moment to be happy, or to fulfill that dream! There’s never a right moment!

You must start where you are, with what you have. If you don’t have anything but a praise, then just praise God! I’m serious! Start where you are, with what you have, and watch God bring the increase! He will see you safely through whatever it is He’s put in your heart to accomplish.

All He’s asking you to do is to stop trusting in what you deem as logical, and take a leap of faith!

Romans 10:11 (CEV)

“The Scriptures say no one who has faith will be disappointed.”

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