Grace in a desolate place: Not your ordinary love story.

Let me just say that the rough spot you’re in, is not where you’ll always be. Look to Jesus. The Word of God tells us that Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith (read Hebrews 12:2). With that being said, this is not your usual love story, which you may have heard of a thousand times. This love story isn’t worded into a perfect painting of what real love looks like.

It shows some of the ugly truths that many have yet to deal with personally, and therefore is crippling their ability to have a healthy loving relationship.  This story also tells of God’s unconditional love for us, and how if you come to God as you are, He will meet you where you are. My prayer is that you read this story with an open mind, and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you and give you a fresh perspective on what it means to love, be loved by others but most importantly what it’s like to be loved by GOD! Enjoy!

Tasha was what men would call the epitome of a bad chick. Her measurements were 36, 24, 36, all of which were hers. She had naturally wavy hair that flowed down her back, and flawless sun kissed skin. She knew that she was a baddie too, and she used the way that men perceived her, to her advantage. Every guy she encountered wanted to have her in their lives. 

They wanted to show her off like a trophy to their friends and the world. They didn’t care if it took the last dime out of their bank account to keep her around, because having her around made them feel like they had something that everyone else coveted, but couldn’t have. Truth is, Tasha had been around the block and a few states, a few times, yet and still no man she’d ever been with was able to capture her heart. She was cold, and played the game the same way the men she dated played it. They bought her things and showed her off, but they never showed her love. 

It was always about them and never her. That made her feel lonely and cold, and although the men she knew dropped bands on her everyday, she felt worthless. One day she met a guy named Trent, who was a rapper, and had heard about her, and wanted her to model in his video. Trent was very charming, but he wasn’t a chaser like the other men Tasha had previously dated. Trent kept things between him and Tasha professional, although he had other motives. The fact that he wasn’t falling all over Tasha like other guys, made her fall for him. 

Eventually they started dating, but Trent never allowed himself to get close to Tasha, because he knew that from what guys told him about her, that she was all about the Benjamin’s and never love. Trent didn’t need Tasha like the other dudes, and for some reason that’s what made her fall in love with him. She knew that he didn’t need her to boost his ego, or serve as a trophy for the world to admire and envy. They enjoyed each other’s company and he was with her because he wanted to be. Still the relationship was flawed, because Trent went into the relationship by means of deception based on rumors he’d deemed true, without ever really getting to know Tasha, and Tasha was attracted to Trent because he was different from other guys she’d dated, and that was a challenge to her.

She was determined to make him her pawn just as she’d made every other guy she dated. She never expected to fall for him, and he never expected her to fall for him. He was really protecting himself from looking like a sucker, but you can’t experience real love with selfishness and pride in the way. Eventually Tasha began to fill as if the relationship was toxic, because the more she drew close to Trent, the further he pulled away. He thought that it was all just a ploy to make him out to be a fool, but Tasha really loved him. 

Neither of them communicated their inner thoughts to one another, so assumptions played a major part in their relationship coming to an end. These days, communicating how you really feel to someone could leave you heartbroken, lonely and humiliated, all of which neither of them was about to let happen to them. Months went by, and on Trent’s Birthday, Tasha called him. He told her that he was glad that she called and invited her to come out to a venue he had rented out for his Birthday. Tasha agreed to come, and when Trent saw her, he knew that he couldn’t let her walk out of that door at the end of the night, without telling Tasha exactly how he felt. 

You see, he saw Tasha for who she really was, when everyone else only saw her outer beauty. He knew that she was really a good woman, in search of real love, but he was intimidated by who she was or how people perceived her. He knew that she genuinely cared for him, and wasn’t like the hundreds of groupies who only wanted to be apart of his lifestyle and not necessarily his life. Trent put his heart out there and confessed everything, and told Tasha how much he loved her, and needed her in his life, not to serve as an antidote for low self esteem, but he needed her because he truly loved her for who she is. Tasha confessed everything to Trent and after the two of them communicated how they really felt, they decided to make a fresh start.

Tasha thought that she was never worthy of real love until she met Trent. She also thought that because of her lifestyle she wasn’t worthy of God’s love, but after her and Trent reconciled she began to seek God, because she still felt like something was missing. There was a coworker of hers that stripped every Saturday night but went to church every Sunday morning. Her co worker would pray before she went out on the stage every night, and pray for other girls in the club that were going through troubling times. Tasha was curious about God and began to seek Him.

She thought to herself, Jesus comes to the strip club? She and her coworker began to read the Bible together and soon Trent and Tasha began to visit her co worker’s church. It’s been twenty years to date, and had not Tasha met that co worker who introduced her to Christ in a Strip Club, she never would’ve thought God cared about her. The key thing to remember here is that she sought after God. She had what many would call a lavish lifestyle, money, a nice home, fancy cars and a well known boyfriend, but she still felt as if something was missing.

She didn’t let where she was stop her from going to God! She found out that if you truly seek God with your whole heart, God will not only meet you where you are, but He will work wonders in your life. She found out that you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to surrender. Eventually Trent and Tasha were married and her co worker found love and marriage as well. Today the two couples have an outreach ministry where they spread the love of Christ in places, many Christians wouldn’t dare to go… not in public anyway, but God is always watching whether you’re out in the open with what you’re doing or in secret!

The couples now spend their lives letting others know that they are worthy of love, and that God loves them. and They also give relationship advice and counseling to singles, using the wisdom God has given them from things they’d personally experienced on the road to finding real love. I used this story to let someone know, that God loves you where you are. Jesus died and rose for the whole world, and there is no perfect person or people. 

We are in right standing with God, only because of Christ (read  Romans 5:1-11). Not only that, but at your worst, you are loved by God, the same as when you’re at your best. Jesus died for us when we were His enemies. I encourage you to seek God where you are, and if you have someone special in your life, communicate truthfully, don’t allow fear, ego, selfishness and what other people think about you or your spouse, to cause you to lose one of the best gifts God has given us in life… Love. ❤️

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