Human logic vs. the wisdom of God.

Your faith will look foolish to a person who uses natural logic more than spiritual discernment. David was a kid, but he had a mature faith! He knew that just as God had saved him from a lion and a bear when attending his father’s sheep, that God would also be with him when he went against Goliath. Saul tried to protect David with natural armor but it weighed David down. I’m going to make a quick point right here. 

Sometimes people mean well when you share your visions with them. They try to protect you from failure, but natural wisdom can weigh you down. Human logic is foolishness without God! So they could be telling you things that makes since to them, but if it’s not what God has told you, then their words can become a stumbling block. This is why it’s important to be confident in your faith like David! 

In 1 Samuel 17:38, after Saul had put David on his armor, David said, “I cannot go in these, because I am not used to them.” He was speaking in reference to Saul’s armor. So David took the armor off. Listen, you can’t go where God is taking you, if you’re trying to do things people way! You have to put on the full armor of God (see Ephesians 6:10-18), and go forth and obtain everything God has in store for you. 

It will require a great deal of focus, because if you’re too caught up in who’s not supportive, you could get discouraged by those distractions and it could cause you to fall short of your destiny! So my message for you today is for you not to worry about people who don’t understand your vision. God didn’t give them the vision so it’s not for them to understand! It’s up to you to trust God, even if you have to walk alone! You think God doesn’t understand loneliness? 

At the time when he needed his disciples support the most, they abandoned him! Mark 14:50 says, “Then all his disciples deserted him and ran away.” The way to overcome what you feel is to stay focused on the task, which is your God given purpose! So David went against Goliath and told him, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty (see 1 Samuel 17:45). David went on to tell Goliath that the world will know that this battle is the Lord’s (see 1 Samuel 17:47)! 

It’s important for us to know who our source really is! You can be equipped with all the assets required to make you successful in life, but if you don’t have God, you’re still at a great disadvantage. So we know how great David became. He went from a shepherd boy to a King and a man after God’s own heart, and Jesus was a descendant of David! Great things happened during the course of King David’s life. 

Was he perfect? No! He made some bad decisions, but he didn’t get stuck there. He kept his faith in God, and God’s favor rested on him and his descendants! God can do the same for you and your family, no matter where you are in life! 

Stay in faith and watch God take you and your descendants from the least of all to the greatest! In Jesus name!

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